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    Dear Leoscorpion

    Hi. Is there any way perhaps I could get a love reading/ soul mate reading. I have been having such hard lessons in the Love area. My DOB is 5/8/1968 Time is:6:58pm

    I dabble in it but it seems you & others have much more advanced understanding & I appreciate that.(I recently was involved w/ a man who I fell in love with who was born 2/24/62 @ 5am =but we split up recently & I was very hurt= it was a big surprise to me) It feels like patterns like this over & over again & I feel like giving up. My heart has been broken...

    Thank You for your time

  • lilmisbullsnap

    I need place of birth (city/state/country) of both of you

    but more importantly yours

    I will do it next week

  • hi lilmisbullsnap

    I haven't got your place of birth and his but most importantly yours

    so I can only do it if you give me thanks.

  • Thank You LeoScorpion for taking the time out. I really do appreciate it...

    to answer your questions My info is: DOB 5/8/1968 @ 6:58pm/Location: Suffolk County(Long Island) New York.

    That Gentleman in question is in the original question is gone...& honestly between last Time I posted & now I've actually gained new perspective on him & decided to let go...

    (he was 2/24/62 New York,NY @5am) I don't think there's a need to look into him at this point...

    There is a man who has persuing me & he seems very nice...I like him but decided to keep boundries & take it slow . His info is 2/15/60 Queens NY but I do not have his time of birth at this point..

    Thanks again Leo Scorpion-You are very kind.

    I was just hoping to gain some insight as to why I've had to go through so much bumpy ground in the Love-Life area...

    cheers & Thanks again:)

  • ok I will do it next week then

  • Thank you Leo Scorpion very much...

    DOB 5/8/1968 @ 6:58pm/Location: Islip, New York. (That's Suffolk County-Long Island)

    I just wanted to make a correction on something...I made a mistake when listing the man persuing me & got his birth time as well...DOB:2/16/60 Location New York,NY 4:45pm

    Thanks again:)

  • Oh & by the way...Happy Halloween! :0)

  • Lilmisbullsnap

    Finally have a bit of time for your chart.

    Your sun is in Taurus, but your dominant sign is Virgo. Your moon, Pluto and Uranus sit in Virgo, close to each other. Most of the time your mind is set on health matters, work and providing service to others. You can be short tempered and panicking, when you feel your happiness, your life, is threatened. This is true for most people but even more so in your case because you have so much energy in this area, you probably use it all in achieving your hopes and wishes, so if these wishes and hopes are not achieved, you will be deeply frustrated. Your friends are helpful with advices but somewhat unpredictable, you may have found some who turned against you out of whatever reason. You are strong and independent, but you have tendency to moodiness. Watch your mood swings, stop and think before you say and do anything, otherwise it can backfire on you.

    Sun in Taurus is aspecting your rising and Neptune in Scorpio. You enjoy being in partnership and in relationship. Neptune’s illusion can blur your judgement, in Scorpio, this is an illusion of desire. Your desire for relationship is so great, you risk being led on, manipulated by those who (only) seemed to want the same thing. Neptune gives you great charm (maybe not good look or good body, but you certainly are charming) and great imagination, however, so attracting suitors is not a problem, you just haven’t attracted the right one who want to stay with you in the long run. I see quite a low confidence, maybe you think being in a relationship will increase your self worth. This is only half true. If you don’t accept yourself for who you are, nobody else will. Every single person you attract, will underestimate you and leave you for someone else. You seem to attract mostly confident (probably successful) people. If you are not confident in yourself, you will be overrun by these people, whereas those who are less confident will seem ‘weak’ to you and they will eventually leave you, for they feel inadequate for anybody.

    Find ways to develop your talents and skills. Any of these will help improve your confidence. Appearance, with so many planets in Virgo I think you have all the details of ‘looking perfect’ covered. You are probably also picky with how your lover looks and dresses. You enjoy being busy, so you will enjoy doing any work necessary for your own development. It’s fitting that your purpose is in Aries, a purpose of independence and self reliant. Rather than constantly looking outside for fulfillment, you are to start within. Everything starts within. If you are not happy with yourself, no one can make you happy. If you don’t accept yourself for who you are, nobody else will. Saturn sits in Aries too, an indication of arduous and long hard work to achieve your purpose. He likes you being assertive, and he also likes you slow down. Frustrating, but Saturn likes planning and schedules, for him, everything has its own time. So be prepared to charge in with all the works you have to do to develop yourself, but hit the break from time to time and just have fun. With relationships, just have fun for now. Get out and about, meet more people. Take the steps to achieve your purpose first, when someone is serious, you will know and this time you will be more ready for him. I see that planning and organizing are not a big problem for you, so it’s not something you will dread doing.

    Another reason to improve your self worth (confidence) is that your destiny lies on the transformation and value axis. You will and have experienced life altering events that prompt you to asses your self worth. The house of transformation also rules death, and so you have or will experience separation and loss. Loss of loved ones, people dear to you, separation from loved ones and important figures in your life. All these have great impact on your confidence, as if you are not worthy of them, and so they are taken away from you. But you are meant to learn to stand on your own two feet before everything else. You have the strength and ability to be independent. Humans are social beings, we definitely need to relate with each other. But humans are also individual beings. Because everything starts within, you need to be able to rely on yourself, and then the right person that you can rely on, will come to you. If you are independent, you will not allow lazy manipulative people depend on you and you yourself will not fall for those who don’t deserve your love and trust, they are simply not ‘reliable’.

    Jupiter in Leo favors creativity. You are blessed with it, and with so much optimism you always look at the bright side of things. This is a good position for success in creative field, developing creative talents will bring you the attention you need, under the spotlight. You love being creative and being around children. Neptune does bestow great intuition that will help you avoid being trapped in his illusion of desire, developing intuition will take you to a higher path of clarity about yourself and about others, another type of inner ‘work’ worth doing. Jupiter aspecting Neptune expands his illusion, so trying to find clarity can be a really tough process for you. But the best way to avoid this trap is actually directing Neptune’s illusion into creative work. Take up painting, music, dancing, anything creative. The busier you are at it, the better. So much of the fog will be lifted, leaving your view clearer every day. After all, you will also benefit from all this creativity buzz : )

    Mars and Mercury sit in the house of relationship. In a way you are straightforward, your mind actively absorbs and analyzes information. You are blessed in the communication and information area. But realize that not everyone is as blessed. At times you just have to slow down, stop charging in and just listen (even if you know what they will say, just pretend you don’t know and that you are willing to listen). This will avoid communication overlap and misunderstanding, at least people around you get the feel that you do care about them. Venus in Taurus enjoys romantic touch and bestows a great artistic taste and talent. Very good placement for creative field, but may not be so good with money, makes you spend for beauty and looks rather than necessity for example. In relationship, you tend to fall for looks and appearance rather than taking the time to know the person for who he really is. Oh well, it’s normal. As I said above, just have fun for now. Only give your heart and trust, when he is worth it. I don’t generally discuss se xual life here, so that part I will leave it to you : ) For myself, I find se xuality as the most powerful expression of creativity. I certainly won’t share it with anyone that doesn’t worth it, because they can drain me up and harm my ability for expression. But that’s just me.

    Your Aqua man, his Sun sits in your house of Home and Roots. You instantly feel like he is a part of you. He makes you feel comfortable, like being around people you know for a long time. He admires you, mostly because his purpose is in Virgo, and you exude so much Virgoan energy (it’s dominant in your chart). Like walking towards a house and finds you in it. He has the ability to help you with your creativity, but remember he also needs appreciation from time to time because he tends to underestimate his own talents and skills. A relationship with him may feel warm and comforting, but Sun in Aqua needs space and excitement in relationship. If the relationship is dull and ‘routine’ he will break loose. Moon in Libra loves charming people (you) and charming environment. He also has an eye for artistic beauty, much like you do. He doesn’t keep much to himself, he is quite blunt, maybe even too blunt it shocks people. He is pursuing you plain and clear, because he is attracted to you. As long as this attraction lasts, he will keep pursuing you. Jupiter in Sag is so much confidence and forever optimistic.

    His destiny lies in the Capricorn cancer axis. He is destined to ‘nurture’. Those who come into his life, be it invited or encountered, are mostly in need of support of some kind or have lost faith in something. They will most likely find a friend and a support in him. His humor is probably dry and ironic, but he can be your pillar of strength, and quite steady at that being Capricorn dominant. Venus and Mars sit close making him highly attractive, so much charisma, but he doesn’t always feel that way inside. He also has tendency to short temper, not so much of mood swings but he can seem ‘distant’ at times. Capricorn is a sign of organization and priority, if emotion gets in the way of achieving his dream, he will set it aside. Having this sign dominant will make him seem less of an Aquarius, less erratic and more stability. So much confidence, but a tendency of miscommunication and misinformation. Mercury in Pisces is great for imagination but not so good at facts and figures, memorizing things because a lot of imagination and ideas in his mind. Misunderstanding can happen when he forgets and misses certain things important to you, at least you know now he doesn’t do it on purpose, well not always at least. He can be loyal and stable, has the ability to devote himself to a purpose, to a person. But if the relationship becomes hurtful or boring, he may choose not to stay. He is very unconventional in his dealings with people. If you like him too, be playful and creative, be ready for his wild ideas. I think he is less crazy than true Aquarians, so at the very least you will enjoy his company even if you keep it as friends.

    This is all I can see. Hope this helps.

  • Leo Scorpion-

    Thank You so very much! That reading was sooo amazing! & feels very accurate & insightful..

    (True-much of it-I do struggle w/ those issues & find myself in those situations.

    I am also an artist by trade)

    ...I do appreciate you taking time out for me...You have helped me! Thank You again:0) xo

  • you're welcome

    artist by trade ? then have fun developing your talents and skills

    a great shaman and astrologer predicts that 2011 will be explosion of love and creativity

    just now I read similar message from another cosmic being

    so yeah, go for it and have all the fun !!

  • Dear Leo Scorpion~

    Hello & I wanted to give you an update as you have helped me..

    I have been seeing the above aqua man (DOB:2/16/60) & he is very kind & has many qualities that I like. I sometimes not sure how he feels about me as he has cooled off a bit lately.I know he likes space & that is fine with me.We still get on well & communicate regularly.

    There is something else I wanted to share. The original man in the posts above -

    (((copy: "(I recently was involved w/ a man who I fell in love with who was born 2/24/62 @ 5am =but we split up recently & I was very hurt= it was a big surprise to me) It feels like patterns like this over & over again & I feel like giving up. My heart has been broken"..))))

    The reason I mentioned this is because I got an unexpected visit from this man & although we talked much & resolved some things...he didn't come to 'win' me back or at least that wasn't the conclusion that night...

    For some strange reason he is all I think about...I still feel depressed now after seeing him again &-I feel like I'll never stop having feeling for this man...

    What do you think? Any input appreciated. Thanks again

  • lilmisbullsnap

    a quick reply: you haven't moved on from the first guy

    he didn't show you a sign that he wants you back

    but you haven't moved on, so deep inside you still hope for him

    I'd suggest give your self some time, just have fun and casual

    if he wants you back, he will show more initiative, otherwise you will need to move on

  • Thank You Leo Scorpion-

    I know you are right. I still feel like I'm in love with this man....& now he 'friended' me on 'facebook' & I was thinking about it & why did he come over then that night so unexpectedly...to break my heart again a second time?...It's not usually in my style to fall so hard...but I guess there isn't any other answers...I know he is Pisces & I felt a very strong connection with him but I know they are hard to read at times....but-I feel he must think of me to have come over & 'friend' me...

    he told me "I restored his faith in humanity & in love" .

    ..yet he's still with that different girl...confuses me...

  • "he's still with that different girl"

    the only way to know is when he makes a clear straightforward initiative :

    that is, choosing you over the other girl

    until he does this, you can't be certain that he means the words he said

    yes he does think of you, but not necessarily in the way you think of him

    he is appreciative because you restore his faith in love but doesn't mean he still loves you

    this is why he befriends you and not leaving the other girl

    I just hope he is not playing a cruel joke

    because coming over and talking to you on a regular basis will make it harder for you to let go

  • LeoScorpion~

    I know you are right on every level.

    It just really, really bothers me that nobody cares about me.

    I thought I was over him but again I feel surprised at the realization that I must still be in love with this man..

    In your reading there was so many truths...particularly about friends turn on me for some reason at times...I'm not sure what that is--but , I have discovered that to be true especially in last few years & I feel guarded because I almost expect people to act this way after a time (also men).

    I sometimes can't help but feel this anticipation actually contributes to it & I try to self improve..

    but, if that's an aspect in ones natal chart can it be changed I've often wondered by behavior or self awareness to remedy such things?? or are we stuck with such lessons forever & ever trying to resolve them...? Astrology has always fascinated me (& I dabble in it myself) but there is so much more to try & understand....& sometimes leaving me with more questions then answers...

    The love area is the most important part to me & yet it's the area that most eludes me..

    I know I'm having many astrological lessons now & I respect that but I was wishing things would improve in the love area..

    I'm usually not this much of whiner & I'm sorry I went on such a verbal frenzy but -

    I know I must keep on keeping on & focus at the positives & I thank you again for your input both astrologically & personally.

  • lilmisbullsnap

    you typed OK I understand what you are saying.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and to love. But there is more to life than love. You also need to know the truth. In fact, someone can not love you enough if he can’t be truthful to you. Some people believe that loving someone doesn’t mean being with them. I can understand certain circumstances, such as country at war, money situation, family acceptance, maybe religious difference and so on. But other than these, I don’t see any reason for it to happen. If you can’t see any reason why he keeps saying he loves you but not acting on it, then why risk it?

    My life story is not a happy go lucky one either. I have gone through almost everything that people on here mentioned. The only difference is that I never had kids and I never married a cheater or abuser. The first is a blessing, I have less to think about. The second is logical, why would I marry (or stay with) a cheater and abuser? I believe that we get back what we send out. But since I never wronged cheaters and abusers, why were they put on my path? One reason : To teach me about TRUTH.

    In my case, the truth is, I have been ignoring my own intuition. My intuition said “don’t” and I kept stretching myself too thin. As the result, I was betrayed. So the betrayals, were actually blessings. Otherwise I would be exhausted and drained even more, while I kept ignoring my intuition. When they lied or cheat on me, the relationship and friendship ended. I don’t waste my time, effort and money for them anymore.

    Not only betrayed, I was accused of doing things I didn’t do. This happened often, and I received no apology even if I was proven innocent. So I learned to ignore these accusations. I just left them. Because the same person who did it, will keep doing it after I left. If everyone else believed lies, they’d learn it the hard way. Just like I ignored my intuition and I had to pay for this seemingly small mistake. The truth hurts, I know that feeling very well.

    In your case, The truth is NOT that nobody loves you. It’s just he doesn’t truly love you. That’s it. Doesn’t mean you will never find true love. A rare gem is hard to find. It’s your personal choice, though, but whatever you choose, try not to fall in the same hole. Second chance doesn’t mean a thing to some people. It’s nice saying and all, but not necessarily worth it. If you plan to give him another chance, make sure he is worth it. Meanwhile, don't stop going out and about, have fun with friends and make new ones. Rare gems are out there somewhere, if you don't look, you will not find : )

  • Dear Leo Scorpion-

    First, I'd like to say thank you & I appreciate your honesty.

    I too am the seeker of truth.

    I know you are right. I wasn't giving him a second chance...although honestly-that's because he didn't seem like he was seeking one (at least that night anyway) & to be quite honest I likely would have simply because of my feelings for him...but you are absolutely correct about using "intuitions" & my 'intuition' tells me that I will have to get over this man...(as much as I don't like it)

    Thank you for sharing your personal accounts with me...

    perhaps it's because we are Scorpio-Risings that we want to 'feel' everything-

    but our 'other worldly' instincts usually are quite strong but still we go against them--

    in our quests for love in spite of our own truths.

    True-"Rare gems are out there somewhere" Let's hope we find them in the new year.

    Cheers LeoScorpion xo

  • yep can't help it, with such rising : )

    you're welcome and I hope for the best !

  • I just read your post again and I realized I never mentioned that I am married

    we've been married for 10 yrs and going strong

    I know true love exists, he doesn't care what people say about me, as long as I am true to him

    and vice versa

    we actually met at the same time I was planning to marry someone else

    but this person disappeared as soon as I mentioned that I wanted him to meet my parents

    we hardly argued so I didn't know what I did wrong and why he couldn't just talk about it

    but I moved on. I figured that if he didn't have the guts to say what's on his mind, then he is not worth my time. he is a Sun in Scorp.

    I blocked his e-mail address and moved back to my parents house

    I was 'missing' for a good 2 months, hubby (who was just a friend at the time, he is Sun in Capricorn ) sent me emails and photos of his outdoor stuffs and was worried because I never replied

    I decided to give it another try ( I did like hubby anyway )

    and with the Scorp gone, we became closer and then got married

    I've found my rare gem, I know you will find yours too

    have fun and don't be too hard on yourself

    finding rare gem is difficult, too much pressure on yourself will make it harder

    happy holidays and hope you will find 2011 a better year

  • Leo Scorpion-

    Thank you again for words of encouragement. It goes such a long way...I'm glad you found your rare gem & it give me hopes...I am hopeful to find mine too someday.Cheers & Happy 2011! 🙂

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