I'm a new member willing to learn & share.

  • I'm a cancer; 7-17-1964, newly sober-clean(going on 4 mos.) from substances. Never married thank goodness, but am getting my focus on living back & getting to know me like never before. I've been too open w/ women in the past only to be screwed over. I've had a problem being emotionally attached to them making the aftermath very long-lasting. I'm very cautious, but not a loner, find it easy to talk to anyone & love being around people. As long as I stay engaged in something (keeping busy), I'm ok. I hope to meet my life-partner/wife someday. I know it may take longer than I would like, but I have my priorities in order I believe.

    I'm a true cancer; a caring, family oriented protector. I hope to learn & share w/ some interesting people here.


    Rick 46

  • Hi Rick Welcome and Congrats on ur battle to get ur life back. takes gusto!

    I believe for now u should not worry so much on partnership and reproducing, as i sense right now u have more than ur fair share on ur plate so to say. From ur small photo i sense that this time next year u may not b single anymore so thats a light no`?

    I also sense u need not look but the one will suddenly just be there u know, like hello how´d u get here kinda thing HAhahahahaah Happens to us all. U know the stop looking n do ya thing n whammo hello there they are.

    So for now huddle through as we all do and look toward each day as a new day and as we all do right now even thoigh many might niot admit to, look forward to the new year LOL

    tc n ta at Rick.



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