How to do a tarot readingASAP IMPORTANT

  • short story. my teacher told us that we have to do an essay on something we want to learn hot to do. a few years ago i bought a tarot deck from a grage sale, nothing special, but i never got into it. now my report is due tomarrow and all i need is how to do a reading. but i cant find a place and no one to help. can anyone tell me how to do a reading???

  • Well, you could certainly write a whole report on how to do a reading. Before you can do readings, you need to learn all 78 cards and develop a relationship with them (decide what each card means to you, so you can understand life influences from the card. You should understand energy and how to cleanse yours. Typically readings begin with you preparing yourself and your cards. You need to be grounded and open to your instincts. Atmosphere should be quiet and pleasant. Then you can shuffle the cards in which ever way you are most comfortable, and then you may cut the deck. I suggest you use a simple past ,present, future layout to start. The past card will give you clues about the influences that have brought you to this present moment, and the future will tell you the possible outcome should you continue on your chosen path. We always have decisions to make and so the future is always fluid and changing from moment to moment. Tarot cards can help us look at our situation from different perspectives and consider the long term effects of our actions. A reading should always be on a positive note, and offer helpful, encouraging insight. We choose everyday how to face that day., how to react to what ever events come our way. Love and light...the best guide to life.

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