What next?

  • I am a middle aged chef who broke my leg and cannot cook professionally anymore. I need a new path and I can't seem to get started on one. i am desperate for a job and am at my wits end. Any suggestions?

  • what about opening your own kitchen.Just a thought buit maybe it will lead somewhere.

  • How about teaching others to cook?

    Do something different to the many other celebrity chefs and maybe focus on traditional home cooking for the singles and families or student houses.

    Hire yourself out to homes for cooking cozy meals for two or maybe small dinner parties for say 4 to 6 people.

    It's coming summer. How about preparing picnic hampers to sell on or sandwich lunches to offices. Course this means you'd have to sell yourself by advertizing but what you got to lose?

    Just a few suggestions to keep turning over in the mind.

    Verdana 🙂

  • verdana we are on the same wavelength because that's exactly what I was going to say. Teaching exactly. There are so many people who didn't have a mom at home when they were growing up to teach them to cook. Mom was at work so there is a whole generation of men and women who can't boil water.LOL Hiring yourself out for small parties or you know cooking parties like Tupperware that maybe an idea. Home parties and teach people how to cook fugally. They sell everything now days through home parties. If you were to take on teaching in home say three or four people depending on the kitchen size. Quick, cheap and simple it just might be a good thing.

  • found the kc,

    but it doesnot accredited to my acount four times to do.

    i was looking forward to the reading, i dont know what to do now?

  • Carolinthekitchen I was just thinking, you must have many several recipes. What about a book?

  • What about going into local schools - even preschools (nurseries) ? Was just a thought as my 3 year old son has just made chocolate cakes at his preschool today! Also our local school (5-11 yr olds) have a cookery club and chefs are employed to teach them the joys of cooking. Actually my 18 yr old son is a chef...he works as a chef Thursday - Sunday in a trendy restaurant/bar and Monday - Wed he goes to college to finish his degree course....he has just got back from New York City where he has been experiencing cooking there.

  • Carolinthekitchen we haven't heard from you. Can you update and let us know if things are better and you found a new job? Wishing the best for you.

  • I, too, wonder what has happened to Caroline...All of the previous posts have been truly inspiring but, I wonder...is your cooking safari done? What I mean is, perhaps you have done what you were supposed to have done cookingwise...Are there other things that you are drawn to? I ask because sometimes it takes a physical injury of some severity to give us time to turn our thoughts onto paths that we perhaps don't walk down too often. I can give you my own example: I started life as a massage therapist but I was born with wonky hips and was told that I had the choice of continuing massage full time and blowing out my hips, so to speak, or supplementing my income with other, less physical work.

    Well, I feaked out. There I was in pain and now what I had thought was my entire reason for existing was being taken away from me...I fretted, I can tell you! But during the annual Massage Therapy convention which was in Quebec that year. I found another "calling": Teaching. In my case, teaching English as a Freign Language which, believe me, if you can teach, you can teach anything...:):):). Now I do both when I can and I find that it is a good balance. So, by all means, continue to give the world the gift of your cooking, but remember that this might just be the perfect time to find another "calling"...

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