*I'm feeling so lost. When will I find direction? =(

  • I'm doing so bad right now. Completely messed up school. Am taking a break, but seriously... When and how am I going to know what it is I'm actually meant to do? I'm just going through the motions of everyday, wasting them.

    Will this confusion change? How and when will this happen?

    I don't want to be in this state of mind anymore. I don't want to be a disappointment any longer.

    It's taking a toll on my health.

    Thank you. It feels like everything's still crashing before my eyes.

  • Someone will help you, a lot of times we have to change our focus and think positive thoughts. Do you pray?

  • Hey mintgirl!

    There are alot of wasted moments for the time being that we take for granted! We sit and try to figure out what we are supposed to do instead of experienceing it! You have a cause, and you have a passion for faith. YOu know you can devote yourself to other's so why not let it take you to another path? I think you may ctually stumple upon a panflet or two that will lead you in the right direction. God will always be with you and lead you along the way. We spend so much time pondering and thinking instead of doing ( I know this personally!) So your heart is shifting to a direction from renewing from a loss, snad in that instant you understand(understand being the key word). I think even a friend may have even detoured you from your hearts cause, But then again he isn't you is he? Your health is in order, it's the stress that causes the high blood pressure and low vitamin counts. Balance, nutrition and being vurtious to your body is how can start. Meditation is always one of the best prescripions as well. A younger more light hearted girl seems to always look up to you, but lately you feel you have let her down. You hav'nt. Move forward with your cause and don't let the anxiety of other's stop you. That's one of your job's besides the shelter. To help lower that and help release it. God bless!


  • Mintgirl..It truly is up to you. Whether you believe it or not we do create our own destiny and are in charge of not only what our successes are but our failures as well. Once we get in a mental frame such as you are in now, the only way for it to end is up to you. Are you truly looking at the whole picture? It is so easy to become mired in depression and a sense of failure if you aren't ready for change. I suspect you already know what you want to do but are afraid to go after it. It is ok to fail at something ventured as we learn from our failures. If we don't try....that is the biggest failure of all. Dont focus on what you did wrong, focus on what you learned and how to avoid going down that same path again. Look at it as a new beginning! Every day you have a new opportunity to do it right, your way!

    You mentioned taking a break from school, take an emotional break as well! Don't beat yourself up! You truly are your own worst enemy! Starting NOW! Start thinking about the good things you have done and what makes you feel happy. Block out the feelings of doubt...everytime you start feeling scared, say to yourself,"that's in the past". Nobody can change the past but how you look at it is paramount in moving forward! Breath deeply my dear, take a walk and reflect on your bright and happy future! Most of all, remember you are loved! God and your angels are there, looking after you, just ask for their help and guidance. Trust your own intuition as I indicated, "you have a very bright and happy future ahead". ~Blessings and Love~

  • Wow you guys, you took the words out of my mouth, especially you Morning Glow, I say these things to my best friend all the time, even yesterday. We can't change the past only go forward. Yesterday was History, tomorrow is a mystery, today is "A Present" Thats why we say "The Present." I say all the time, we all fall down, but get back up again! So true, release every bad thing that has ever happened to you or that you did and let it go and keep going! 🙂

  • Serious 7, you are serious arent you? Smile!

  • So the message of the spirits is for me to go volunteering? What kind? I know right now my whole future career path is supposed to change but nothing's happening. I'm still confused and lost as to how to proceed. Sigh.

  • Are my parents really that ashamed of me? Will I be successful in the future? Cos right now, with the rate my school situation is going, seems like I'll end up homeless lol.


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