What does this dream mean

  • i had a dream that i took my daughter to daycare and then i attempted to park my car but then i lost it i then went back into the daycare and my daughter was playing it was very crowded i asked a worker to help me because i lost my car (i know this sounds weird )its like i went to park but then got lost and then lost my car if that makes any sense anyway when i went back outside to find my car police were outside with dogs and a dog jumped on me so i said please get your dog then they said its your dog then i realized it wasnt the police dogs it must have been the daycares dog then all a sudden they started shooting into a house the gunshots were quiet i was terified my baby was just next door in daycare i ran to the side of the building then the suspect im guessing followed me and watched me and pointed the gun at me in my dream i thought to myself this is it but then my dream was over or so i thought at the end i found my car im am curious and a little frightened what does this mean

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