My scorpio broke up with me!

  • my boyfriend of one year and 4 months broke up with me last week he said i did not show him love and acted like i did not want to be with him. which was not true i think this is all in his head to be honest. about a month before we had broken up he had been acting strange like if he was confused and dirint knoe if he wanted to be with me or not and when ever i would ask him about it he told me he loved me and did want to be with me and that im making this all just got worst from there and i so many times try to make him change and i saw nothing so i stared ed acting the same way he was and things just got even worst from there. he would tell me i did not love him anymore and i would tell him i do and i want to fix stuff to make thinks better for us and he said he did two but i saw nothing. last week i asked him if he wanted to be with me and the whole week he said he dirnt know. i told him to let me know now because this was all hurting me and he said ok lets be friends then. He tells other people we are kinda broken up but that he is not sure i don't know i have a feeling we will get back together i need an expect on Scorpio men to tell me wat is up with him thank you and if you think he will give us another chance

  • When a scorpio goes like that, just leave him. I'm a scorpio myself and our weakness is we somtimes have trouble expressing emotions that could hurt, we then end up hurting others more. We have trouble letting go and also even if you do get back together, it'll just keep repeating itself until you yourself sever all ties

  • i was just wondering do you do readings and if so can you please do me one. thankk you.

  • About whether or not this guy will come back and if you will get better??? sure. Rune or Card?

  • yes and cards

  • ok

    Am I right to say he just suddenly left you? The relationship was going very well then he just poof changed. He himself didn't know what he was looking for in the relationship, he in a way, fooled himself into thinking he felt what he felt and because he didnt want to make you think he was toying with your emotions, he told you all the things he did. In no way will he turn back and any attempt you make at rekindling the relationship can provoke that temper most scorpios have. Right now he's nudging you away from him, pursue this any longer and it will be a push, then a shove. In a way he will make you feel that you mean nothing to him if you continue. There is nothing left to be gained from this relationship so it would be best to move on and search elsewhere.

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