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  • Hello leoscorpion, I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I have been trying for love/marriage, all my life, unsuccessfully. July 6, 71. 6:25 AM. Amritsar, India. I met a guy last year, we have been friends (for 1.5 years) and I fell for him, told him so 2-3 times. He (Virgo - Sep 17, 1976) says I am a close friend, however I get vibes from him where it seems he wants to be more than friends. I keep on going back, but it seems to me that I need to move on but I am stuck. Will I ever have my own family - kids and all ? Thanks.

  • I can look at it Friday or next week the latest

    hope you are not in a hurry

  • I am in no rush. Thank you so much.

  • His place is Jaipur, India

  • Curious Can

    Thanks for waiting.

    His sun sits in your house of communication and information. You feel comfortable communicating with him, you probably trust him with things you don’t tell anybody else. This is a generally a comforting aspect but not necessarily guarantees a lasting relationship. When things get intense, you get closer, he then withdraws because the ‘comfort’ is gone. You both are better off friends and colleague than romantic or closer. Moreover your Pluto sits very close to his Sun, Pluto adds intensity and depth to your words and intellectual ability, something that the Sun can find uncomforting. This is a good placement for detailed discussions, but the romantic aspect certainly not getting much boost here. Venus aspecting Pluto can make you fall hard for someone, all or nothing, watch for going for pleasures of lust rather than true expression of love, and to fall for beautiful gifts and ‘surface value’ than true meaning of things.

    Mercury aspecting your rising makes you a ‘mutable’ person, you enjoy communicating, travelling short distance but frequent, meeting people and exchanging all kinds of information be it trivial or important. You will most likely enjoy relating to a person who enjoys the same activity. You don’t show it much, but you do have great compassion and affection. Probably you fear of being taken advantage of. If you were taken advantage of and betrayed before, it’s good lessons to learn from. Everyone makes mistakes. There is nothing wrong with showing your true feelings and compassion itself. If you don’t, you may appear stand offish to some people. You may not show it, but you can also be sensitive to critics. You know what, opinions are like armpits and ass holes, everyone has it. Don’t worry too much about these. Some people don’t have anything good to say, don’t let them ruin your day.

    Your purpose in Aqua house of relationship shows that friendship is a good thing to have when relating with others. Instead of getting attention and craving for recognition, learn to give attention and recognize other people’s needs first. With house of Self in Leo, try be more friendly in general and share the spotlight with everyone else, even if you deserve it. This will improve your communication, because people feel they are communicating with a friend, who truly cares about them. Indeed your Sun aspecting your Rising can give you a great commanding presence, rather overbearing sometimes, people see you as stand offish and self centered even if you don’t feel like you are being so. Moon in Sag, gives you boundless of optimism you will bounce back no matter how hard life hits you. Remember to withdraw from social interaction and attend to your needs now and then or you will be drained and your physical health will suffer. Mars sits close to your purpose shows that his energy helps you get there. Your focus is on friends and people in general, you enjoy having friends and relating with people. In close relationships you will need space and excitement or you will be bored and drained. This is also true at work, you will do better not to work in a 9-5 job. Mars position shows you will enjoy a lot of physical activity, energetic channel like sports will be good for you. Watch for money matters, because he also shows you have tendency to spend for beautiful artistic things and for pleasure rather than buy for necessity. Aspecting Venus, this is not something you seem to do often : ) but on the other hand, this aspect increases your charisma and attractiveness.

    You are confident and smart, any task meticulous or not, you can handle it. Jupiter aspecting Mars gives you abundant of energy but not much patience, watch for being too hasty, carelessness and short temper. Luck does run out, so always double check your facts before making any decision. This is especially true in romance, because this is where Jupiter sits. Due to your charisma and attractiveness, you don’t seem to run out of suitors, but they don’t seem to last longer than for casual romance. There is tendency to feel that without romance and relationship, you don’t exist. In a way this is true. Humans are social being. But remember humans are also individual beings. You do NOT have to be in relationship to be happy. In fact everything starts from within. If you are not happy with who you are, you will never be happy, no matter how great your relationship is. There is nothing wrong with casual romance and friendship, those are good starts to have before you get involve further with anyone. Just enjoy romance and friendship, if one of them is serious about you, let him take the initiative and proof it. Give it time, avoid rushing into things no matter how sure you are. Just let the other person takes the initiatives to start with.

    Your destiny lies on the house of romance and social circle axis. Now you understand the importance of smooth communication among your friends and social circle. You are destined to experience fateful romantic encounter, but with Saturn sits in the house of social circle and hopes, you have to work harder to achieve your hopes and wishes. With this destiny gate, most likely you have had or will have quite unforgettable romantic encounters. But they did not last as long as you hoped for. Saturn is planet of limitation, something happened making these people suddenly ‘disappeared’, not available to you, you found out that they belonged to someone else. Whatever it is, your hopes and wishes, takes a while to achieve. This is also true in all areas of your life, not only relationship. Depressing, I know. But Saturn is there for a reason. Neptune, planet of illusion, sits in your house of romance. You fall in love easily, the illusion of love and romance allures you. Before giving your heart and body, you need to first see the truth about the person, this is what Saturn asks of you. It can be frustrating because Uranus planet of freedom aspecting Saturn’s limitation, you feel as if bad luck is bombarding you. With Neptune here, most likely you can’t see people the way they really are, for his illusion is great. Take the time to really know the person, to see their true intentions towards you. Do they really like you, or they just seem that way? Will they stay with you through your ups and downs, or they are just there for the happy times? If you don’t see them for who they really are, you risk falling for the wrong person, placing your hopes and trust on someone that doesn’t deserve it. Don’t allow yourself more heartache, be friendly and compassionate, but love and trust will be something they have to earn. Enjoy visiting places and meeting new people, but don’t give your heart at first sight. Have fun, and have patience at the same time. Saturn is also planet of longevity, your caution and patience will reward you a solid long lasting romance. With such destiny, I wouldn’t say this is impossible : )

    Jupiter was touring your house of relationship last year. So relationship was smoother when he was here. Pluto will tour your house of relationship in 2021 approximately. When Pluto is here, your relationship will undergo a lot of pressure. This means just have fun and be social, don’t enter any commitment until you are sure (between now to 2021). If you are entering relationship without strong foundation, Pluto will destroy it and you don’t want that to happen.

  • typo : Watch for money matters, because he also shows you have tendency to spend for beautiful artistic things and for pleasure rather than buy for necessity. Aspecting Venus, this is not something you seem to do often : ) but on the other hand, this aspect increases your charisma and attractiveness.

    it supposed to be:

    Watch for money matters, because he also shows you have tendency to spend for beautiful artistic things and for pleasure rather than buy for necessity. Aspecting Venus, this is something you seem to do often : ) but on the other hand, this aspect increases your charisma and attractiveness.

  • one more post LOL I am scattered the last 2 days

    I need to expand this : You are confident and smart.

    You are blessed with great intuition you can learn to listen to it to save you from further disappointments (Neptune does have a good side) but aspecting the moon, there is tendency to escape reality. To see people and the world the way you hope they are, not for who they really are. The way you view yourself and your actions is also distorted by this aspect. Misunderstanding can happen often, stemming from lack of understanding about yourself. Everything starts from within. Take the time to turn inward and do a soul searching to find out the real you and therefore you will see the world and people in more clarity. You enjoy learning, this is a good thing, because understanding yourself is also a learning process. Other then sports, you will enjoy creative channel. Maybe a new hobby, or an old hobby you never get to do. Let the inner child play (creative), do some sports (unleash restlessness and stress) and take up some psychology classes or something related to spiritual and higher learning (journey back to yourself to find clarity). Saturn's limitation is meant to show you the importance of inner work. He is always about work, a long arduous work, and he only rewards you after the work is done.

    You actively go after what you want, but this time slow down and allow yourself some time to think and learn. With Saturn in your house of hopes and wishes, make extra effort to be cautious and calculating. It’s hard to do this, you are not one that likes to ‘wait and see’. But there are different approaches to different situations, and because Saturn sits close to your destiny axis of Romance and social circle, it would be wise to be more persevering and less assertive in romance and relationship. At work, of course, you can stay assertive, just share the spotlight with other people now and then and be more friendly instead of 'commanding'.

    I hope this helps. this is the last bits that I can see. hope it all helps and have a good week.

  • Leoscorpion, Thank you sooo much for a detailed reading. It is a huge help. You do have your own unique way. I have showed to many astrologers in the past. There are some overlaps in the reading in the major areas, but then there is a whole lot of the other side (recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and suggested solutions to make it work for you - good advice) - that you provided, which is usually not provided by others.

    Just a few days back I started pursuing one of my passions (that I have been thinking about for the past 2-3 years and did not do anything about it ). I hope I keep at it and not lose interest.

    I have gone through some extreme events in the past few months, that have made me more spiritual/philosophical (I was always enclined to this side) on a journey to pursue my higher self, but in a way that I am also more keen on taking a plunge and live life. I have always been cautious and feel like changing sides for once.

    You are spot on in your readings. I love to learn and have been trying to find the right balance between helping people but not taken advantage of. I have a strong need to give and help make things better for people/world.

    I do have an ability to sometimes know what goes behind the scenes and what has not been conveyed. But intuition is something that gets lost between my interpretation of it and my totally different plane of viewing people. "can’t see people the way they really are"

    I can't write too much here. I am not sure if it is appropriate, pls excuse me, if not. I would love to contact you one on one and be your client and learn and understand more about the reading that you have done. Understanding self is definitely a path to a higher peacefull state.

    Once again thank you, reading your points above has already made me more aware of my traits in a way that I can compartmentalise them.

    Wish you good karma for your efforts.

  • curious can

    I am glad that it helps. I was not sure because you didn't write much at first. But I am glad I can read the cosmos influence on your personality well. You are open to new information, this is a good start. If you are not, you will not be as introspective. Your openness have helped you so far, if you continue to be such person, the age of Light will be your best times.

    I have to say that my different point of view is largely due to so much new age metaphysical information I am absorbing the last 12 months. So this point of view may not go with many of your original belief, religion, culture etc

    I am ordinary person trying to pay my debts off. So my time is really focused on this because I had not been good managing my spending in the past. I will make suggestions and give book or URL recommendations rather than reading more chart, because the coming age is the age of light and individuality. A community can not function if the individuals in it are not functioning. So every individual is responsible for their own development, a continuous learning process accumulating knowledge and wisdom in any area the individual wishes to develop.

    I am very guarded due to violent experiences in the past. I do not mind keeping in touch for the purpose above, and if you need more suggestions I will do my best, but I would like to keep my personal information to myself. such as real name and so on. If everything I wrote is OK for you, just leave your email address and I will contact you. Thanks.

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