• I have lived in my house for 10 years now and in the last two months i have noticed a face of a man has appeared in my tree ,the tree is directly across from my front door to which a few months ago i was experiencing constant knocking throughout the day and there was never anyone there, I dont know if there is a connection between the two i was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me anything about him ? I would really appreaciate anyones outake on this .

  • OH WOW, I was just about to pop off the forum for a bit but your this caught my eye, sorry I can't help in a psychic way but I see the image of a middle aged man that looks very much like coming from Chinese origin?, like a healer or something?....sorry I'm not much help with this, but these things fascinate me so much, I hope someone can come on and tell you who it may be, best wishes!


  • Dear Healing Ways,

    Thankyou for outake on this Sheila( My Journey) said that he looks of chinese origin as well I personally dont see this when i look at him his long moustache is what really stands out to me .

  • I totally see where they are getting a Chinese look to your tree guy. I hadn't thought of that with the long handled mustache he does have a Charlie Chan sort of appeal.

  • I just had to do a quick pop in again :)....but I know what you mean Mags with the moustache it's the first thing I saw too, I think he looks like one of the ancient chinese healers so I just google it and found this, this is what I saw in the tree face...but with a longer moustache....

  • Heheh that is too cool, Mags, though i would probably freak, i hope i don't sound too nuts, but have you tried talking to the tree LOL okay i do sound nuts, but i just get a feeling that if there is a face in the tree that is distinctively shown for us and you too see perhaps you should try and converse with it somehow, maybe it has something to show you, if the face was not there before.

    Blessings and love Bee Xx

  • Okay, now I see something totally different, lol. I see the top initial is a very nicely written L, then below it (what you see as a face) I see an R. Below the L and R another letter is trying to form but not yet.

    Do the initials LR mean anything to you?

  • The bottom letter is either going to be an X or a fancy K.

    L R X or L R K.

  • Oh yeah, i see that too, L n R how strange i didn't notice before. weird tree.

    Blessings and love Bee Xx

  • Oh wow notshy.....I see the letters now you pointed them out....and yes the bottom letter does look like an x....but with its middle that what you see with the "x" too?

  • Another X for ya Mags !!

  • Yes Healingways, I see the middle of the X missing.

    Taurus7, did I say something funny?? LOL, maybe an inside joke. That IS interesting about the tree.

    Mags, are you thinking the image is of Jesus? (I am picking that up from you).

  • Hi, This message is for you and you'll have to interpret the meaning. It may take awhile. Since it is something that you'll see often, may be a message for your day to day coming and going. Usually, when I experience a knocking or a voice outside trying to get my attention, it's a warning of something going on. Because others can noticeably see it, it becomes open as sort of a public phenomenon. May not be so much as who is but maybe who will be. If it were I, I would look up Chinese Legends of the Tree, etc.

  • Dear ,Notshy,

    I have been seeing the letter X on car numberplates everyday when im driving around and its like they really jump out at me to grab my attention so to speak i have told this story to friends on other threads that i go on and that is why Taurus 7 mentioned this ,RC dreamer told me to look at the numbers when i see the Xs and the other day 3 cars passed one after the other with an X and all had the same numbers 381 i was gobsmacked i mean what are the odds well i added all the numbers up and got the number 12 and that is my sons birthday 12-12 and my hubby was also born on the 12th , but RC said there is another meaning 381 means 3 words 8 letters 1 meaning i love you i have never heard of this before, and yes you are spot on i did think it was jesus in the tree its interesting what you say about the letters as i cant see them i cant place the initials R and L for anything that i know at the moment . I must say as well when i look at the tree i feel as if there could be an animal involved as well as im thinking of a dog when i see it .

  • Dear RC,

    Its amazing how people see and interpret different things i never thought of him being chinese I have to say he reminds me of what you said the dad from american chopper as i am getting a more western feel about him .

  • Dear Healing ways,

    Yes you could be right i see know what you mean now with your picture with that long beard i just didnt pick up on the chinese feel about him i hope that you are right and that he is a healer that would be a good omen .

  • Hi Bee,

    I actually do talk to the tree as i can see it from my bedroom window as well its funny beacause my daughter was always talking to a tree i had in my back yard and i would say who are you talking to sweetie? and she would say gada who is my dad and her grandfather who passed away 6 years ago she used to call him that because she couldnt say grandfather and she was 5 when this was happening well one day my husband decided to chop down the tree while she was at school as it was leaning over and becoming dangerous she was so devastated. my husband isnt open to things like this he even refuses to accept that their is a face on the tree at all .

  • Hi Dalia,

    Yes with the knocking on the door everyone was noticing it including my husband the sceptic it would go on throughout the day occaisionally it would happen at night which would freak me right out and it always came in sequences of twos ,i have a dog who barks whenever people or animals come on to my property yet he would never bark at the knocking ,and i know that no one was playing tricks on us as i would have seen them as my property is only little and i can see out several windows to the front gates. I prayed to the archangel azreal to help the poor lost soul whoever it was cross over to the other side and the knocking has totally stopped now the face has appeared and i am seeing the letter X on numberplates everywhere.Thankyou for your advice i will defentely look up chinese ledgends of the tree that is a good idea maybe it could have something to do with fung shui as well .

  • When you smell the aroma of the cedar tree or gaze upon it standing in the forest, remember that if you are Tsalagi {Cherokee}, you are looking upon your ancestor.

    Tradition holds that the wood of the cedar tree holds powerful protective spirits for the Cherokee. Many carry a small piece of cedar wood in their medicine bags worn around the neck. It is also placed above the entrances to the house to protect against the entry of evil spirits. A traditional drum would be made from cedar wood.

    Does the author believe this? Well, lets just say that there is a piece of cedar in my medicine pouch and I wear it always. The Creator did not make the people because of loneliness, but because the Creator wanted to show generosity and love to the people. Accept the blessings and the gifts given and always give thanks for them.

    Jim lives in Alabama.

  • You are indeed seeing the spirit of the tree - now that Mother earth is rising to the surface of our world, her energy is awakening many spirits who have been hiding away from our human 'desecrations' of nature. The nature spirits are curious about the changes that are happening.

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