Dream about stairs

  • I didn't write this down soon enough so I have forgotten some of the context, but I dreamt about stairs last night.

    Climbing up stairs.

    Thing is the last set I climbed was really tall so I had to almost hoist myself up each step! I was able to do so and continue talking to the person with me but I had to work at it!

    I've seen the interpretations the going up stairs is a good thing but what does it mean that I was not able to just walk up?

    Or was I merely mixing my dream with the reality of my hike the other day and not being able to figure out a dry path across the rocks in the brook???

    Thanks for any insight - I find dreams fascinating and have been trying to write them down when I wake in the middle of the night and pick up the nuances I wouldn't remember the next day if I did not.

  • Hi, I've had dreams somewhat similar. Did you make it up. If you did, this is something that you can acheive. It is tiring however. I think it's your mind re-playing.

  • Yes, I made it an while continuing to talk to the person I was with. Not as frustrating as the dreams of running but not getting anywhere!

    Last night I had dreams of beds and blankets. All my dreams seem to be positive signals with a twist LOL. Tall stairs - sheesh!! 🙂



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