Super KC's body: what type of coin is that?

  • Hi there!

    I really like the coin that represents Super KC's body, anyone know what type of coin it is or what emblem it is? Is it a coat of arms?

    Thanks for taking the time to view this and possibly answer it.

    I'm going to contnue searching in the meantime.

  • I think the coin is an artists conception of what a Karma Coin would look like if indeed one existed. However, if any inspiration came from something in actual life, I would have to guess it was seen on a shield. Besides, what would be better for KC to look like than a shield. He IS the protector of Karma everywhere!

  • has anyone found it yet. it is well hidden. almost hopeless.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, yes, I was thinking it would be a shield of sorts too. but I think they put their coat of arms on them at times too. i'll do further searching. Good analogy re: the 'protector of Karma!

    Hi superpat, you should go to the where's SKC coin... they give some good clues there!

  • Where's SKC coin?

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