How to get an accurate reading and not get frustrated LOL

  • this was written by another on-line psychic, and I find this article to be very informative and helpful.

    Getting psychic readings can be a fun a productive experience if you approach the situation in a healthy way. Accuracy of predictions vary from person to person. This is often because of the way the situation is approached, the way questions are asked and how the information is used. There are a few thing you can do to enhance the accuracy of your readings.

    Avoid unnecessary distractions.

    Above all, pay attention! Don’t call your psychic when you’re driving or in the middle of ordering a meal at McDonalds. If you aren’t focused on the question, it makes it harder to pick up on. If you have a lot of stuff going on in the background, it makes it harder for a psychic to focus on your question. On a simpler note, make sure you are using a clear connection to call. If it’s a cell phone, make sure it’s a good signal. If you are using an earpiece or headset, make sure it is functioning properly. Otherwise, the distraction of trying to hear or understand you may take away from the focus that could be on your reading.

    Be CALM when you call your psychic. Sometimes this is hard to do and sometimes you may call an advisor because you are in a high state of anxiety. An experienced advisor may be able to help calm you down to ask the right questions. However, try to calm down as much as possible before calling. Calling in a frazzled or freaking out state makes it more difficult for the person talking to you to focus, simply because the anxiety is distracting. If you are distressed, take a few minutes to write down why you are distressed and what questions are pressing to you. Having your thoughts organized and a list of questions that focus on your concerns will help your psychic focus on the best way to address your concerns and advise you.

    Avoid playing “test the psychic” or refusing to give information. This does NOT mean you give details of your situation. It means, do not withhold basic information requested such as birthday, name, etc. need to give the reading. It is also very important that you do not lie or present situations in a false light. Some do this to see if we will “pick up” the lie. That will confuse the reading. A psychic will generally not assume that you are lying and may become confused when getting something contrary to what they have been told. It may cause them to go over and over information trying to figure out what they are getting is so different from what they have been told. I have had several people play his game with me, wasting 20 of their paid minutes or more. In one case, after they confessed they were lying and testing, I blocked them form contacting me again. My confusion in trying to figure out why I was getting something they insisted wasn’t true and later admitted was, wasn’t worth the headache. Few psychics will be rude enough to accuse you of lying anyway. A true professional will have people skills and few are so rude they accuse their customers of being a liar. Don’t put us in a position where we have to be rude. Many of us would rather not deal with someone again than call them out on their untruths.

    If you make up a completely fake story, you may be surprised to get a reading on the fake story. Readings are based on energy. If you create a false energy, the psychic may pick up on that. It does invariably come with indications that it is false, superficial or untrue, but again, we don’t assume you’re lying so may interpret it as something else.

    Ask clear and precise questions related to your concern. The best way to get accurate answers is to be as specific as possible. From experience, I have seen the more specific question that is asked, the more specific the answer. A question like “What do I have coming up for me?” may be responded to with information that is true, but not what you may consider pertinent. A trip to the grocery store. Your neighbor down the street will invite you for lunch. The computer system at work will fail. If you want a general reading, and don’t mind this, be general. However, most people want to know about more specific situations. Deciding what you want to know about before the call will help you focus specifically on those areas and avoid wasting your time with information that may be true but not of interest.

    Avoid asking the same questions over and over. Sometimes when there is a need for knowledge or insight on a situation, we get desperate. We get answers, but we don’t accept them. We want more. Sometimes the answer is plain, and its given to us. Asking again will not help. You may ask a few times and get a consistent answer but if you ask it many times within the same day or week, eventually the universe will decide you are not accepting the answer and give mish mash. You may get wildly different answers or you may begin to get confusing answers that don’t seem to relate to the question.

    If you consult multiple psychics, please keep notes and not who told you what. Many people will call multiple readers, remember parts of it and melt the whole thing in to their own story. This is not productive and creates confusion. Each person may pick up on different aspects, which may all be right in their own respects. Some may be dead on accurate and some may be flat out wrong. Mixing the info just confuses things when trying to get the most out of each reading. Try keeping track of specifically what each person says in a separate note or file, with the date. It can be difficult to keep up with writing during a conversation, so I suggest you try typing on to a computer notepad instead. Its faster and easier to organize.

    If you find some psychics pick up on you better than others, consult those that are more accurate. Don’t worry about those that don’t . Its normal. If someone who is accurate for others does not pick up you correctly, it does not necessarily mean anything is wrong with you. Its not their fault and its not your fault. One may pick up you but not others and vice versa. What’s most productive is to find who works best with you and stick with them.

    Please note: if you constantly find that no psychic picks up on you, you should take a step back and analyze why you are still trying. Many psychics cannot pick up on someone is bipolar, has OCD or another mental illness. Sadly, the disturbance the illness causes in the thought processes can throw off the person’s energy and it may make it impossible to pick up on. Some of us also will not pick up on someone calling with the intent to get information to do harm, as we specifically ask the universe to not allow our gifts to be used for harm.

  • Ms Sunny, I need your help! I got a reading by 2 psychics on phone and I was appalled at the inaccuracy of their readings of the situation! I've read some of your posts and was so impressed by your insight. I am a virgo 9/10/71. The man I'm in love with, 9/14/59, first name letter P. Been with him for almost 2 years. I'm so sad and don't know what to do. Please help and if you need more specifics let me know. Thanks!!!

  • That's pretty awesome. I guess it helps with tarot card readings, although I tend to do online ones for people so it doesnt really matter how much they concentrate as most times they arent really around when I do them, LOL.

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