Tarot & pendulum readings

  • I was just wondering if anyone has ever done a tarot and pendulum reading for others?

    am currently doing this online, and it seems as if i no longer need the tarot cards to find answers.

    I still ask for the client first name and date of birth so i can make a better connection with them, the answers I get from the pendulum seemed accurate most of the time.

  • Hi Sheelagh ,

    What i normally do as is ask it a question if it spins around it means yes it if rocks from side to side it means know the little one got a hold of my crystal pendulum and broke the end of by hitting it against the wall so now i put a ring on a chain and it works just the same . I must admit i also felt that it was telling me what i wanted to hear at times .

  • yes i do agree, i always get the answer i wanna hear so how accurate can it really be?? i do ask the spirits and the angels around me b4 i used it to give me a 100% truthful answer....... but still not confinced lol....

  • I am left handed so tried usung it with my right instead and have found that i have better results

    this way .

  • Just a quick question about the pendulum if someone can answer this for me.

    A friend was trying to help me with a question I was asking and the pendulum would not move much, just tiny motions, not giving yes or no. After asking a few different questions regarding the matter and still no answer to yes or no, then as we quit asking questions, the chain holding the pendulum, came away from the pendulum. (It is repairable, and this has never happened before).

    Am I supposed to not know the answer to the question?

    What do you think?


  • padifluff, I looked this up for you, the proper way to use a Pendulum. I hope this helps.


    Take a piece of paper. Draw a circle on it. Draw a vertical straight line down the middle of the circle. Draw a horizontal across the middle of the circle. You will now have a big cross in the middle of the circle. Now draw a big X in the circle by drawing a two diagonal straight lines. Your circle will look like this:

    Sit down. Breathe in and out slowly. EVERY TIME before you use a pendulum mentally imagine yourself surrounded with a gold and white protective light. Now mentally imagine the light of your spirit flowing in through the top of your head (crown chakra) to your third eye. Mentally image this white light flowing to a mental image or thought in your mind of the planet earth - surrounding and filling it. This will increase your own spiritual and physical energy. Now mentally image the white light of your spirit filling your brain and your body. Now tap a 3 inch circle around your thymus - counter clock wise. (The thymus is about an inch and a half below the hollow between your collar bones on your chest. Start tapping at 12:00, just above the thymus. Then tap 11:00, 10:00, 9:00 and so on to make about a 3 inch circle around the thymus. This circle is the clock and you are tapping counter clock wise.) Tapping your thymus in this manner balances the meridian energy flows of your body. This is important in any kind of muscle response testing, which is what you are using when using a pendulum.

    The next five steps you will only need to do once. Their purpose is to establish the directions for your muscle testing response: Place your feet on the floor and place the paper on the floor between your feet. Rest the lower arm of the hand that is holding the pendulum along your thigh. Hold the end of the string/thread/rope or chain between your thumb and a finger. It does not matter which hand you use or which thumb or which finger or even if you use two fingers instead of a thumb. Let the pendulum dangle down between your knees so that the weight at the end of the string is dangling above the center point of the circle (where the lines intersect).

  • I love playing with mine but have figured out that my energy can influence the answers. Once I figured that out, I put it down and haven't worked with it much. I tried very hard to clear myself and even got to chanting yes, no, maybe whenever I asked a question to try and block any energy I was putting forth but I was never 100% sure that I wasn't still influencing it.

  • I have used dowsing rods for yes and no questions and i find they are more accurate and they are not telling me what i want to hear like the pendulam does,.

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