Can someone give me insight into my dream Please.

  • I dreamed last night as I was standing, I felt a weird sensation in my mouth. I opened my mouth to discover broken pieces and spewed them in my hand. I felt with my tongue, my last tooth on my left side was missing (Wisdom Tooth). I realized I needed to get to a dentist an began wondering looking. I decided to look at the pieces in my hand and saw a mixture of porcelain, a large piece of tooth and smaller pieces of tooth. I decided to look in a mirror and discovered the tooth missing was on the right side (Wisdom as well). As I studied it closer I saw there was a tooth growing in that was showing the top of a very white tooth. I said that's what pushed my tooth out.

    Presently I have 2 wisdom teeth that are full grown, but I have experienced some breakage or small deterioration. Would someone share some light please.

  • Out w/ the old in w/ the New! I'm no expert but what do your teeth mean to you? For me they are my tools to nurture myself. If you've ever had an infected tooth you learn quick when you can't chew food.

    But maybe your other wisdoms are impacted and need out?

    Cheers P

  • thank you for replying pfree.

    Can anyone else offer a interpretation?

    thank you

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