Employment dilemna

  • Hi All

    I have been recently told that my job of four years has been eliminated and that my last day is May 1. I have been applying for jobs almost daily since I learned this but had no calls at all until recently. I have interviewed with this one company twice this week and expect that they will make an offer next week. Problem is - I don't want the job. I can't shake the feeling that it just isn't the right place for me. Also, I would be traveling for weeks at a time without coming home. While I have traveled for work in the past and enjoyed it, the thought of being gone for such long blocks of time is no longer appealing to me. Although the salary is adequate, I feel like I would be working to support a life I don't even get to live. I have no debt and very few expenses and I really believe that I could live on my severence and unemployment for awhile without starving. In fact, I was beginning to look forward to the prospect of some time away from the whole corporate thing. Am I crazy, in a job market as awful as it has been lately, to turn down the only prospect I have had? I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to trust my instincts on this one, yet the practical side of me keeps cautioning that I need to just suck it up and take the job. Thoughts anyone?

  • hi,

    having been in a similar position ones i like to share the advise and thoughts i feel reading your

    letter. please find a place nice and quiet and peace within you and yes lissen to your innerself.

    the answer is there for you no. one can tell you what is right or wrong in these times of unemployment, but you. if you are unhappy at the prospect of travel then dont do anything that

    would make you feel unwell or unhappy. you must stay in balance and there are other chances

    which you might feel more comfortable with. trust in yourself and what you can do and offer others.

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