Everyone said my CANCER MAN would NOT return BUT HE DID what does it mean ?

  • Should me and him be just friends please explain why he has returned but everyone said he wouldnt what changed?How should i act with him?

  • it means ure one very lucky lady. i wouldnt worry too much of why n what fors but enjoy him n allow time as u have done so far to play it out. wish u best of luck. Ur tale of ur cancer coming back gives us who await OUR cancer to come back HOPE. Thanx hon

  • Your very welcome i never want to lose him again but on the flipside i have other options now so i will not be so hooked on him .Any suggestions on how i should treat him ?Btw i i hope your cancer returns too !:)

  • treat him as a friend. for now i think he has to prove himself worthy no?

  • It's my understanding that they like to pop in and out of your life. So you hit the nail on the head. take it slow see where it goes and don't give yourself too much to him until he proves he's worthy of you. Good luck

  • thanx i wont give myself to him at all thanx to all the kind people here i now see we can be nothing more than friends

  • Whatever u choose babes is ur right. good luck! 😉

  • That's great news babe. That gives me hope too. I hope mine comes back as well because I really miss him 😞 How did he come back? Can you tell me a bit more about your story?

  • he text me ''whats up '' i then said hey and told him how much ive missed him and that i miss himwhen he is gone blah blah blah that was around 5 he act really cool like he hadnt gone anywhere he asked me what i was doin later he knows i go out for cocktails on the weekends anyhoo i told him idk yet and he didnt text me back til about 11 he texted me all night where are u ,what are you doin , i miss you etc,all night he text me those things while mind you he was also out with his friends anyway he told me to go in the house and when i didnt text him right back he said i must have been doin something im not supposed too omg to make a long story short that was friday i havent talked to him since and i dont even care he will never change i hope your cancer man comes back i hope mines text or calls back i mean its like hes nearly here and then he dissapears but he is pushing me away plus ive met another cancer man hehe i will keep you guys posted on him .

  • d123456 you should get a reading about his feelings for you from gypsydreams like i did it really helped me i know your pain its like they can just be over it i know one time mines told me if its not there it just isnt there i think they barely try to MAKE it work

  • Im glad he made kind of contact with you. I sure wish mine would : (

  • Oops Major typo !! LOL

    Im glad he made contact with you. I sure wish mine would 😞

  • hehe @ Kaplow but he hasnt called or texted me back since 😞

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