Everyone said my Cancer man would not return BUT HE DID what does it mean?

  • Would it be ok if i keep him as a friend ?

  • Dear when people told you he will not return they where also reading the energy surrounding what you wanted from him. All in all unless he changes and unless you change nothing will eventuate because he is not ready for a serious commitment and you have a few blockages you need to work on.

  • What are my blockages ?And is that why am i the reason it didnt work out or is it him ? Its just that i dont want to feel like i missed out on a good thing or that i pushed another good guy away because i can get men quite easily but i find it hard to keep them and when i say get i mean i get approached by men alot

  • Friend 'with benefits' is what he is wanting - and returning and staying are two different things. The psychic predictions were no doubt refering to whether he would stick around, and they think not.

  • so all in all i obviously trust you guys opinion so should what should i do ?And he is not all that so why does he do me this way ive had better than him before does he just not like me should i view him as an enemy should i remain friends should i let him go should i give him an ultimatum?

  • Is it possible that down the line when he is ready he will choose me?

  • Hotvirgo, it all depends on what you want and or what you are willing to put up with, or maybe you don't mind the unconventional way of life which is fine but you must be able to deal with it too. I feel you are too sensitive to share someone and need their love exclusively something he can't give you at this present moment.

    I am trying not to come across as harsh but I need to ask you this, isn't the fact that he has other women and wont give you an exclusive relationship enough to move on or you don't mind this?

    Blockages I feel from you are mainly your need to have someone in your life to make you feel whole and at ease. When one finds comfort with one's self they see situations like these more clearly, because their vision is not coming from need.

    "Is it possible that down the line when he is ready he will choose me?"

    Do you think it is fair on you to wait until he is ready? Why do you feel this is OK to wait? What does he give you that is worth waiting for and putting your life on pause for him?

    If you still want him in your life no matter what, be his friend, and only his friend, unless you don't mind being with him intimately knowing you are not the only one.

    Like I said before dear, it is up to you.

  • honestly maybe its my venus in taurus because i love his touch i love how i feel safe in his arms i love how he is so sensitive withme in that sense but mostly i just dont want to start over because i dont think i will meet anyone who can satisfy me in that way like he does i mean i meet guys all the time but i have to FEEL the connection to answer your question the fact that i know he has other woman does get to me but i too have someone whom i would never leave but the situation is different i do care it does affect me but its something about him that makes me want to look past it also i dont feel as though its ok thats why i asked will he choose me because if he will then i feel it is ok for me to wait but really i ask so many questions on this topic because i guess im trying to see if he is worth me to me if he is not ready now that is ok IF when he is he will choose me IF he will mean me any good IF his intentions are good these are things i dont know thats why im asking you guys ie. lets just say someone said he does not like you he thinks your ugly he cant stand you etcetc i would be over it i thought i could get some answers to how he personally feels about me but i guess not

  • I can do a reading on his feelings and on your future together that is no problem.

  • please do 🙂 his bday is 7/6/88 mines 6/5/87 thanx

  • He feels passionate about you, he is attracted to your light, to your conventional ways, he wants you in his life but on his terms. There is a lot of lust. passion here. You are attracted to his dark side, to his unconventional ways. Once you realize you have the same powers as he does and take hold of those powers, you will be whole. Once you submit to this energy you will be see clearly.

    The relationship will have obstacles and opposition through out, because you are both very different people. He will be in your life for a while yet. He is a tormented soul who is afraid of himself. There is an inner emptiness in him which he fills up with meaningless actions. will need more positivity in your life later on, this is when you will move on.

    Bottom line, he is in a dark place that only he can get out off. You can't help him, this is his spiritual fight. He doesn't feel he is good enough to be with one person so he has many flings, this brings him some sort of empty power. I see substance abuse in future also. You are attracted to his dark side, to his torment. You will outgrow him and move on.

  • Wow thanx soooooooooo much Gypsydreams thats what i have been looking for i feel soooo much better knowing it is not me wow how weird me attracted to his darkside and him attracted to my light hmm so he will be in my life for a while huh btw so i wll be the one to end it huh 🙂 will he be sad will he not want me to go why am i attracted to his darkside so sorry for the continuance hope im not getting on your nerves since he is going thru this and he is attracted to my light does he know how fragile i am will he consider that does he consider it ?Will he ever love me is he even capable he is starting to sound like a socipath im getting a little freaked out ????????????!

  • He does love you in his own way, which is not the way you believe love is. That wont change any time soon. Look, maybe you need to sit down with him tell him what you want and see what he says and what he can give you? I would love to tell you that he will change but he wont, and maybe I am wrong maybe he does change I hope so because you seem to love him so much and are consumed by him,but in my experience people rarely change. This man is not the faithful type, so if you are asking me will he ever love you the way YOU want him to love you, the answer is no.

  • Ok thanx soo much i will no longer give myself to him intimately i think your right no i know your right about me being attracted to his torment youve helped me see things more clearly thanx for all your time and patience it was greatly appreciated !

  • You are welcome dear. Just take it slow, it is always the best option. 🙂

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