If They Cheat With You They Will Cheat On You?

  • I was raised to believe that when a man or woman cheat on their partner/ wife/husband with you that in future they will cheat on you. This was explained to me as Karma. What are your thoughts on this matter or experiences? Is there an exception or is dating someone who is taken or and married no matter the situation bad karma and bad luck?

  • Karma and common sense. Why be with someone who has proven themselves incapable of being faithful or truthful? And you actually think they will suddenly develop the character and strength to have those qualities with the next person?

    It doesn't matter what the situation is. How hard is it to break off the relationship and then go pursue someone else? If they can't, they are just weak, cowardly liars. Not exactly the qualities anybody would want in a potential suitor.

  • i second that.

  • There are so many reasons why people cheat, the list is endless but for the most part love triagles always leads to the same place, disappointment!

    Relationships are complex as it is why complicate matters and complicate ones life by dating someone who is already taken. In my opinion it is best to stay away from love triangles, there are so many fish in the sea like they say. 🙂

    PS - Karma plays a big part in infidelity and you were taught right, "If they cheat with you. they will cheat on you"

  • Along with that goes in my opinion, you cannot base your happiness on someone else's misery. If that person is in a relationship and stepping out, there are problems where they are. If those problems aren't resolved and they simply go another direction without solving/ending the original problem...they are not advancing, just avoiding.

  • I hate cheaters with a passion.. I've met so many dumb women who are involved with Married men and don't have any guilt or problem with it.. What is this world coming to? Why would anyone want to be the reason that someone else is suffering for.. The men never leave their wives! They just manipulate the insecure other woman into fucking them. They tell the "other woman" everything she wants to hear in order to continue sleeping with her. So many stupid girls fall for this, then get used and thrown out..

  • I don't particularly believe women who fall for married men are dumb or stupid. Women who are prone to fall for married men, for the most part, never had a good male role model to start with whilst growing up. Many of them never learnt how a man is suppose to treat a woman and vice versa because they didn't grow up in a stabled loving home. It has a lot to do with how someone was raised and what kind of relationship their parents had. That said there are those who know better but still do it.

  • And then some women/men just don't care. They feel alone and miserable and undesirable. If anyone comes along and fills the void, they will cling so hard to that person nothing and no one will make them leave.

    Cosigning with Aunt Buck on the avoidance issue. In these situations, both parties likely have karmic debt or are on the road to acquiring it: Rejection (I need someone to love and accept me always regardless of their situation), Control (I need someone to do whatever I say w/o question), Trust (I can't let anyone into my heart or know my true feelings), Self esteem (I need everyone I come across to love me or want to love me (physically) otherwise, I am nothing); etc. . . If they're not going to work on why things are wrong now, history will just repeat itself.

  • Definitely, Tenchi 🙂

  • I agree with all these comments. The reason I posted this was for my friend who is involved with a married guy. She loves him to death and he "says" he loves her too but wont leave his wife who he "says" he doesn't love. lol... I am sorry don't mean to laugh but why do they always say the same thing and why do silly women fall for it? You are not always the exception you are the majority in these cases, and these kinds of men can have you waste years of your life waiting for them to "leave" their wife or live in gf.. whatever the case might be. wake up they are having their cake and eating it too.

    My friend is not only going to get hurt by this guy but will get bad karma for being with someone who is taken and this makes me sad. I hope she reads this.

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