Shaubby pls.

  • hello shaubby,

    I am excited to get a reading from you, if you may.

    Woman to woman. Shaubby I need advice on love and carrier.

    Should I focus on my self and my son. Or should I risk it and be open to finding love right now? i'm afraid of making further mistakes in my life. I feel like I need a guide line or some type to follow so I don't end up landing on my face again and again.

    Can you please help me Shaubby? I would like your point of view on this.

  • Dear Sweetoty,

    You can avoid landing on your face again and again by learning the lesson the first time around which most seldom do , so it is back around the same mountain again until your eyes are open and you do not want to repeat it as you are now there. You need to focus on yourself and your son first, than if you call love a risk than that is what you will draw to you. Something or someone that would be a risk to fall in love with. I feel that you need some training to help you advance on the job as it feels medical to me? also you will find love again when you are ready to forgive and move forward. The man will be mature and a bit older than yourself, he appears to have dark hair and a moustash, wers glasses and has a good sense of humor, he will make you laugh and enjoy yourself. He will also be a wonderful mentor for your son whom it feels has a problem with math or numbers. When and how you will meet him ? You will know instantly that he is a man worth knowing and he is not far away from you the next three months should have him at your door with flowers as he is a romantic.

  • Shuabby,

    yes, I am currently in nursing school.

    I call love a risk because what if I haven't taken enough time to learn from my mistakes. I am doing my best to understand what I have done or what I am lacking to have exp so many set backs. I recently exp a heart break that was hard doe me to deal with a make logic of. I was forsed to learn why I exp such pain with this break up.

    As I'm told that love is coming soon, one that will seem to enlighten my son aswell makes me happy, excited. But very affraid. But I guess this can be.a chance to prove I did learn my lesson.

    My son need a lot of help in math. My brother in law currently helps him out on a daily basis with it. very amazing to me how you just know.

    Thank you so so much!! this realy helps me with this rollercoaster we call life.

    Love and hugs

  • Dear Sweetoty,

    You have done noting but choose a man that had some hard lesson to teach you how to choose the right man the next time, we all have to go through these things in life , check yourself about giving to much to soon to a man and not having some clear boundries for yourself and him to follow as women very much lead in the love area of life believe it or not. lol

    I feel some of your pain still over this break up and it was unfair of him to deal with you it seems in a rather heartless way, but he will experience Karma and receive back to him in whatever way that is chosen from above. You are healing and will be ready to meet the man I spoke of with more balance and forethought than ever before.

  • Those two are the "topic" of my lesson. Having boundries and not giving to much in the beggining.

    You are right, although very painful, it did teach me what to do and what not to do. I have to say my intuision was always picking me telling me "don't go" to his house. I just always felt something not right about him. But the need for love made it hard to walk away. HUGE problem! as well. it's all wierd because I seen the love in his eyes at one point. then it was gone so quick... oh well..

    funny thing happen today. I had clinicals today, and a new young doctor arrived. Black hair, glasess with shaved mustash. I looked at him he looked at me. And I thought to my self, wow is he...?? well today is my last day in that facility so it can't be him. But it was amusing to exp that. You are right, now I will be balanced when it comes to relationships.

    thank you Shuabby, girl talk soothes the heart and spirit.

  • Hello Shuaby,

    If you may pls give me some insight.

    I desided that is it time I move on from the pain oft past relationship. I was doing good for a week. Then I started seeing cars that resemble my ex's old car. On my way home from school, I ran in to massive traffic, I then seen a car that was a lot like my ex boyfriends car, same faded pain and all. I ended up right next to it, it turned out to be his twin brother (he took over this old car) my ex and his brother live almost 2 hrs away!!! what's going on? why can't I just supress all this and move on? it's been over 7 months. And my heart can't let go the idea of what this man should of been for me, what I thought he was? is it just bc I am in need of love, don't know how to be a lone?

    Thnk you in advance.

    hugs and love

    thank you for your time,

  • Hello Sweettoty,

    Your thoughts dear one are drawing in his presence even in the twin brother happening. Please redirect your thoughts to something else and keep yourself open to new adventure and better relationships to come. A lot of people do not like to be alone, never fear it, aloneness teaches all of us what we are made of and how to take the time to explore you. I do sense that you will meet a young man that feels like he has it together and will help you along your life path in finding first self -love and than true love. You have some inner work to do before you can become completly able to be in a love partnership.

  • Hello, Thnk you very much Shuabby,

    Today i did realize where most of my pain, anger comes from. My mom"s abuse. I was able to grow out of other peoples abuse, but not my mom"s.

    i will seek therapy or elce as you have pointed out i wont be ready for complete love.

    again, thank you Shuabby

  • shuabby,

    I'm surprised I haven't met a guy that's intrested in me? i meen, I don't realy do the social seen right now because I don't have the financial resources to have a nice time out so I stay home.

    Shuabby I have this dream of having my own home with my son, providing my own luxery. I want us to be in peace and happy. I feel this is at my reach. At the same time I feel I'm not mature, responsible to build this on my own. But I want this. can you please grant me advice on what I can do to remove any negative energy or maybe tell me if it's a good idea to involve out side support.

    I want to exp having " my own " before I build a life with a future husband.

  • Shuabby, before you leave I hope you can help me with this.

    I don't want to be a pest. but I'm puzzled.

    Is there something I should be doing or shouldent do to meet this man you told me about? I just haven't met anyone at all. I realy don't want to sound desperate but i know it's something about me that's not moving things along.

    Shuabby, may next year be full of blessings for you and your family.

    Love and light.

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