Repeated Dream

  • I have had the same dream twice in which I hardly ever have happen.

    In the dream I'm viewing a flower garden or an area that is filled with flowers and when I first see the flowers they are not in color, but when I view the flowers a bit longer, they begin to turn into colors that are so beautiful like I have never seen before, breathtaking colors. I have had this dream twice. Can somone help me understand why?

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  • Hi, Do you know where the flowers were. My thought (and this is just me) is that you are going to see or be re-united with someone you haven't seen for awhile. Something good will happen whether it's a meeting of sorts. It will involve someone.

  • dmick59

    This sounds like a wonderful dream to have. Thanks for your help.

  • Dalia,

    There are many people I have not seen for awhile. It seem to be in an area of great beauty and wamth. I will let you know how this plays out with what you got to give me. Thanks for your help.

  • I had an odd one the other night... Could REALLY use insight on this one. It's very detailed, so I hope I can describe it well enough.

    I was driving down a completely straight road, saw cats to the right unaware that I was coming, I swerved slowly to the right thinking I could avoid them and then slid into a muddy ditch which turned the car sideways (front end facing left if I were still driving forward) and then slammed into one of those driveway drainage things, then the car was facing opposite and mud was spewing into my driver's side window and into my mouth like a snake. I got out of the car because I didn't miss one of the cats, but there were already people there helping. they had the cat covered up by a white and orange striped towel so it wouldn't upset me. Then my nose was broken and I was covering my face with a towel so no one could see me crying. After that, a woman was sitting next to me doing the same with the towel and crying. The cat I missed was white, the one I didn't miss was white with orange spots......


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