Need healing

  • Does anyone here do distance Reiki healing. I would like to open up blockages & have alot more energy. I do have someone near me to go to just not right at this time. I also thought it would be a great subject for all of us here. Thank you for your time & energy. Lots of Love to you ~D

  • Dmick59,

    Many Blessing to your precious soul...We all come to those days we are out of energy,

    drained from whatever it is using our energy..A Lost of Energy Is A Sign..

    If we aren't making any physical movement ect. Its a Sign we have baggage on our minds,

    in our hearts, in our spirit taking up space and using our fresh energy to drain us..

    I feel you have been holding on tightly and although you never come completely clean about

    how a situation bothers you, you have to learn to let go becuase if you dont let go you are still

    holding on to that baggage you see ? Meditate, Cry, Forgive you dont need a person

    there along you you can do it alone..and accept the situation as it is.. Once you let it go you allow

    the universe to transform the situation for the better dont hold yourself hostage..and you will see your energy being transformed I really want you to do this Dmicks59, i feel you have so much potential , but you are still in the shadows.

    Blessings and Good Luck.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • dmick59,

    thanks honey, 😉 i sure didn't see this .

    dmick: i understand exactly what you mean, & i sometimes ask myself

    that question how do i let go of people that have been around so long,

    those people you take a BREAK from refresh from them & in the beginning

    this is gonna seem like the hardest thing but i guarantee you the wieght

    that is lifted off is so priceless, sometimes i need to get away just to think for myself

    because people expectations are sometimes so overwhelming , it ruins my

    energy. So just take a break from people re-gain your independence, you can do it!

    blessings honey. 😉

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