Advice about virgo man.

  • Hi, I was in a relationship with a virgo man for around 3 years, when I feel his love towards me so deep. Everything was going on pretty good. Somehow he started getting very changed from jan 2010 and by that time he changed so much that I cant believe that he is the same person whom I know since so many years. Then I came to know, that he is going around with a leo lady. I wonder whether he will be back some day or not. I am a scorpio but sometimes I wonder I am not able to forget everything.

  • Hi ScorpioRch,

    I am a virgo and a real one.I get attached to people but get bored after a while when the person is not showing me more that I am expecting.I do have principles.I hate arguing with my partner and friends and I can't have more than 3 attempts I walk away.As soon as you make a mistake I start watching all your moves.However I like confident people and who accept who they are.I am not looking for perfection when the person her/himself believe in they capacities.I am 31 years old and I finally found my best friend and my perfect match.My bestfriend is a leo and my girlfriend a taurus.They are not perfect but we do have a lot in common and they don't bored me.I think it is because I really find they appealing .I had a scorpio person in my life ,the attraction was very strong and felt right but it didn't last cos that person was so dramatic and i hate drama....

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