Spilled Soda

  • ...Recently I thought that I finally found my lost love... sort of like in a movie when you get to the end and you hope to find true love and happiness. At the end of my movie I found myself worse then I was when all this started. It is called disappointment.. It is hard to describe the feeling I have when someone from the past comes back, tempts you into thinking is going to be right this time, and in the end i am being told that I m dumped but with an "encrypted" explanation this time..; At least this time is not an X. So I do not need my question mark. The reason as you all may want to know is that I spilled the soda on his boss. I wonder though who has agitated the soda to begin with? If you do not want a reaction, then don't produce a cause. But then.. he wants to stay "linked" maybe he will change his mind again. Perhaps he can come the 4th time back again and dump me again for another ridiculos reason. I thought perhaps Doug- this is his name- will quit his job at G Oil to finally be with me. Who cares about his boss? ... and as he said it was NOT intentional.. really. None can ever predict when a soda will spill.. but everyone knows not to open a soda if they shaked before. Another one of the break up reasons was that I did not appreciate the full value of his house- when all I wanted to say I love him for him not for his money.

    What do you think about this. Do you think he will quit his job for me? or being at G Oil is more important than love?

    suggestions are highly appreciated.

  • Love me. Love my work, regardless of the times we're apart.

    That's what i think this is screaming out of your storyline.

    If he gave up his job, what could he do instead and would it make him any happier ?

    I say, shake up the soda anyway and get this thing sorted once and for all.

    It seems you're on a road to repetitive strain injury anyway. Who needs that?

    Verdana 🙂

  • Priestess your a very smart woman you know he was just waiting for an excuss again and that was the one that gave him the out this time. And sometimes peoples idenities depend on their job. We know the job isn't who they are but he may not. You may have to say to him you job is what you do not who you are before he gets it. It may scare him to think of what he would do if he had to make a change.

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