Gypsy Dreams question please:)

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for responding to me on a positive note yesterday it made my hopes high. I just wanted to know you stated you saw a baby in my future? Do you have any idea how far into the future that I may become pregnant? I just started trying.... The other two psychics I mentioned in my last post said early fall so does that mean maybe this month or next? I know you may not beable to pinpoint when? And is there a way to see if it may be a girl? I was curious as my husband has 3 boys and wants a little girl?! Or if we would have a baby boy thats ok to:) I would really appreciate anything on this:) as I am excited to know I am having one more!! Thanks a million! Jenna

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  • I feel you will be pregnant very soon yes! It's funny because the cards keep saying the baby will be very fiery if so maybe he will be a fire sign which if you are due in July he can very well be a Leo .. moving on to your family, they will be over joyed, you might not believe it but they will be. A baby always brings joy and warmth to people's hearts. Happiness all around dear.

    You could very well get this job I pulled out the Knight of Cups which is a promising card If not then you will be getting an offer very soon.

    When I said your baby will be your strength in future I meant he will be very family orientated, he will love his family and protect them and be there for them, he will be there for you, he will be your rock. 🙂

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  • Dear Gypsydream,

    I have been following your work with great interest.

    Please could kindly help me answer this question: Is it really over between my ex and I the father of my two kids? Lately I have been getting a feeling that there is still some unfinished business between us. We have been seperated for three years...I still care about him deeply the only problem is his mom didnt approve of our relationship and she is very controlling.

    Grateful for your kind assistance with this matter.

    Warm regards

  • I feel it is over between you and your ex. Time to move on I feel.

    You have a few chains holding you to him but these chains are only there because you put them there yourself. You are feeling lonely and that is understandable but you don't need to look at the past when lonely, that is done with, dusted. This is the time to look forward, you have much potential.

    You need is freedom from all the shackle's that are binding you right now.

    You are going into a state of higher insight, you are already there, that is why you are here trying to find answers, however your fears are not letting you receive the answers clearly thus you get confused but mental clarity will be yours in the coming months.

    Your new mental clarity will help you decided which is needed and which is useless in your life, after this is accomplished will you be able to move on and start new.

  • Jenna I will have to do a reading about this as I don't usually predict time per say. Even if this baby is not a fire sign be sure he will have a fiery disposition.

  • Faitheee, one more thing I need to mention, you seem to be a very giving person, maybe you could do some voluntary work with the elderly or with sick children. You are a natural healer, with words and you also give people hope. I feel you will meet someone special whilst helping others. You are a fighter and have much faith and you will come out of this soon, a brand new person.

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  • Gypsy Dream

    Many thanks for your prompt response, I really appreciate your honesty and insight. I shall work hard at moving on and focus on the future. You are right I am a giving person and making a difference in people lives is something I am very passionate about. I am going to investigate avenues where I can help others in need.

    Blessing to you!

  • Dear Gypsydream,

    Needless to say I was a little sad after reading your response! As I was reading you response my kids walked into the room and I was filled with such emotion.....I am going to work hard on breaking the chains and moving on.

    Thanks my dear!

  • I am so sorry you are sad at this time, I really am. You have the strength to get past all this and move on, you are a fighter. You just need some support and some warmth at the moment, someone to tell you it will be OK. ... Have faith, your life will change soon, purge all those stale feelings out and cleanse yourself. The universe it telling you it's time to move to the next chapter and live! This is why you are trying to seek answers because life is starting to push you to a new direction and it's scaring you a little,,so in-turn you look to the past.

    Have faith and stay positive. 🙂

  • Hey Jenna 😄

    Fiery people tend to have big attitudes when they are younger, definitely. They can be stubborn too.. and will be stubborn.. lol He will also be a fighter, a little warrior. Giving up will not be in his vocabulary.

    He will be a handful whilst growing up but when he is older, he will be very loyal and he will love his family very much.

    I keep sensing fire on earth, I strongly feel he will be an earth sign. Hope this helps. 🙂

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  • Let me know how things go, I am very curious now lol

  • Thank you for your upliftings words! I really want to move on so how do I "purge all those stale feelings out and cleanse yourself" ?

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