Hello miss watergirl :)

  • long time, no talk lady. man, it's been a heck of a retrograde. i'm hoping it is almost over. i got a rejection e-mail from only one of the places i applied to. just as well, i'm so busy with school and trying to get a C in this anatomy class so it doesnt put me back a semester. arrgghh. i'll try again when the semester is OVER...

    i was also seeing a cancer guy, and well that didn't last long. he didn't do so well when i had to tell him it just wasn't gonna work out. i just wasn't sexually attracted to him at all. and he had some qualities that reminded me of the cancer i dated before mr. aquarius. i keep finding out all kinds of interesting info about that one, he has pretty much burned all of his bridges where his old friends are concerned. i really hadn't thought about him much, but for some reason yesterday he was at the front of my mind. whatever, life is getting ready to teach him some interesting lessons. i found something out that kinda made him and how he is (emotionally) make a little more sense. his dad had terminal liver cancer and not 2 weeks after he came down here for college (this was back in 03) he died. but one of our friends told me that he actually shot himself...which was like a wow thing...i can't believe he never told me that. yep, not sure i ever knew that one at all. whatever....i'm so done with boys lol it's all about mel right now.

    i don't know if you're still doing readings, but i sure could use one. i need hope in any form i can get it, life has been a lil rough lately.i have been having lots of fun with my friends lately though. i am enjoying this single only worrying about myself business.

    i hope this message finds you in good spirits. i hope to hear back from you 🙂


  • This post is deleted!

  • it's totally fine 🙂 we all need some away time. glad to hear from you, hope things are going better on your coast 🙂

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