NEW VISITORS or Reminder for existing members


    You don't need to read the whole thread but at least go through the first few pages.

    Let's try and not run off anymore talented readers.

  • Thanks tenchi2 go,

    hope and pray you feel better soon:)

    I also agree, enough is enough...There are some people that just don't realize how much energy is put into a reading..Then they go shopping around to try and find different answers..Or its like a child every time they get a BOO BOO they need help...I'm sorry this may sound harsh, this is not who I am..

    But enough is enough look inside yourself and sit back a few days and think about your reading...



    light and love to all

    aka shatz

  • Thanks Sheila! 😄

    I hope it's not old age creeping up on me but lately I've been itching to dish out a few cyber slaps and that definitely isn't in my nature! LOL.

    It may be wishful thinking but hopefully some newbies will take a look and understand why people here aren't at their beck and call . . . and why they stop getting responses after a while.

    Best wishes to you.





  • Yeah, I couldn't agree more, a MUST READ thread.

    I just wanted to bump this thread

  • well said, however, no matter how well put, some folks just do not respect the readers or other people. it's all about them and their ego(s). me, me, me, me... it does get old.

  • Yep MsSunny, I dished out some tough love yesterday to one of those annoying people and posted the link to the Lack of Respect thread, she still didn't think it applied to her. OMG, I won't even reply to her anymore. I will leave her to Hans, poor fellow.

  • notshy

    lol, I know who you are talking about. it's best to put her on ignore until she learns... and whenever that may be, and I won't hold my breath.


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