Crazy about pisces... need insight

  • I'm a libra woman who is craaazy about a pisces man that I met a few months ago. I feel like he could be "the one." He expressed to me in the past that he doesn't want a girlfriend beacuse it would "kill the passion" (which I'm not buying). He just ended a 1 year relationship so I can understand taking things slow but his actions tell me he doesn't intend to go as slowly as he describes. He asked me to attend a friend's dinner party because all the guests would be coupled up, he asked me to go away for the weekend with him, and he keeps hinting at getting us tickets for an upcoming concert. I'm jumping up and down for joy inside but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Is this turning into a relationship? I've been trying to tell the universe that I'm ready for one and I'm hoping that my future has him in it. Anyone see this going anywhere for me?



  • It's touch and go really. Depends how you play your cards. Take it VERY slow in all aspects. Going away for the weekend is a bad idea if you don't know where you stand with him. Play it smart, give yourself to him when and only when you KNOW that he wants a commitment.

  • Thanks gypsy, I know that taking things slow is usually the best idea but I can see myself falling in love with him FAST. I wish I knew some sort of love spell, lol to make things go my way.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mutable signs can play hide-and-seek sometimes. Pisces in particular can be hard to pin down; they are naturally vague. Figures he's sending you a dual message. From what you say, I get the impression that he wants something physical really fast, then he'll wait to see if his emotions catch up. A lot of guys are like that today, from my experiences.

    He told you himself he didn't want a girlfriend? Any guy who says that needs to be watched carefully. The fact that he even said that to you is a warning sign. I know it's hard, but try to restrain your emotions. Protect yourself.

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