Found Love lost ring

  • I am engaged to a wonderful man. He proposed on a row boat in central park. Very romantic! Well actually when I saw he was emotional I was shocked and thought something terrible had happened but then he proposed and all was well! And we bought a ring together. But unfortunately I have lost my ring. It is a 0.5 carot diamond with a white gold band and has much sentimental value.

    Strangely, I have had a dream I put it in my locker at work for safe keeping. I looked but could not find it.

    I noticed it was missing last Monday when I went to wash my hands and my heart dropped to see it gone. We went to a friends birthday on the saturday. We looked at photos and saw it wasnt there on saturday night. It was a fancy dress up party and I could have taken it off before applying my makeup but I never usually take it off in case I loose it! haa awww!

    I have searched everywhere I can think it would be!

    Earlier this year I attended a psychic festival and gave my ring to a psychic to hold during a reading. If there is any connection, as it has been used as a pychic tool in the past?

    The ring size was too big for my finger and could have slipped off somewhere at work or at home. I have been searching everywhere but think I may have to give up hope and accept it is gone forever..

    If you do have any insight to where it may be please I would happily reward you if it can be found!

    Thanks for reading

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