Cap Man confusion

  • Hey all!

    Before anything:

    Myself: Sun: Cancer, Moon: Aqua, Venus: Cancer, Mars: Leo

    Him: Sun: Cap, Moon: Cancer, Venus: Aqua

    So, I've been "talking" to him (at least I thought I was) for a week and a half. He calls me/ texts me everyday; even if it’s for 5 minutes (he works a lot). Never is the conversation initiated by me, nor do I give him my full attention, and he'll point out that I'm taking long to answer, that I'm always busy. On his days off and days where he gets off early he'll invite me to do something with him alone or his buddies, I always show up 1-3 hours late, my ego gets in the way. Just the other night he tells me he looked forward to talking to me the next day.

    Yesterday was no different; except I didn't go and instead switched it up and told him to come to my friend’s house if he wished (I don't like the thought of running on HIS schedule). He chooses to ignore the invite, and told me he was bored. I said I had given him an option, and he tells me he felt he should be responsible and stay home, I told him he should do what he feels he needs to. He says “you think so?” when I tell him gut feelings are usually correct. He tells me he'll stay home and hang out with his "heartbroken friend," I didn't respond, he texts again and tells me, "I don't understand why people our age get into such serious relationships." I didn't bother texting back, I don't understand what all the calling, texting, and seeing each other was for him, but apparently I read all his signals completely wrong, which honestly, my gut tells me I didn't.

    So, I was pissed, but at this point it, it’s another life lesson. I don't know if maybe he wanted me to refute his point, to tell him to come anyway...but I think I turned 11 20 years ago. He went ahead and texted me this morning.

    So, I want to ask...what's up?

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • June 22, 1989

    Feb 3, 1988

  • Is your friend's date right because Feb 3 makes him an Aquarius, not a Capricorn?

  • Oh my gosh...I don't know how I could have made that mistake!

    Given my ex was an Aqua, and thats all I seem to attract!

    ...Thanks Cap'tain!

  • I'll do your compatiblity report if you still want it.

    You two can be very relaxed and comfortable together. Both of you are capable of enjoying yourselves in an easy way for long periods of time, and your relationship magnifies this quality. Luckily, however, it is also able to motivate itself to move forward on the road of life and the path of self-actualization. The kind of self-satisfaction that can approach smugness is a prime difficulty here. Procrastination is also a problem, but these down times are possibly creative periods in which the seeds are planted for future adventure and dynamism.

    Your love affair can be extremely pleasurable and sensuous. Urging stoicism or heightened responsibility in the midst of such a garden of earthly delights would perhaps be puritanical as well as unnecessary, for the relationship's deepening physical and emotional involvement will usually lead to firm bonds of acceptance and trust. So the relaxed atttiudes here should not be challenged or changed, because they serve a higher purpose in lessening tensions and urging those around them to enjoy life more. If either of you want a more responsible, serious relationship, this matchup is not for you. A friendship here will be mainly concerned with having a good time and marriage with keeping your heads above water. But sooner or later, whatever the type of relationship, you two must face up to challenge, resistance, grief and pain if the relationship is to deepen and mature. Any superficiality in your attitudes will become apparent immediately during demanding and stressful periods. Deep reserves of emotional strength will have to be built up to avoid spiritual bankruptcy at such times. You two must learn when to push and when to relax - certain situations demand that you be more dynamic. But don't ever lose your capacity to enjoy yourselves. This relationship takes a lot of hard work to stop it becoming complacent and slothful. Or you can just accept it for what it is - relaxing, pleasurable and stimulating but not terribly serious or deep.

  • Ty!

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