Anyone found Super KC yet?

  • Boy, hermither, you sure like to take the fun out of the hunt don't you? Some of us like to gets hints and not be told exactly where to find it!

  • I missed it yesterday because I didn't see any announcements for it (Trust me I'm all over the site usually so I should have seen it) I found it today clicked on it and nothing.

    Born to lose I guess...

  • hermither, It ok. Thanks for the straight up. Some of us don't get the esoteric gaming.

  • good morning, Hermither...

    It is fun to figure out the riddles and clues. and at least that way, we've earned it. if we are told exactly where to go, then we don't get to find out more about the available resources at that we otherwise might not have found.

    the clues that have been put out were very good and your direct line to the coin kind of spoils the hunt and makes it less fun for as well to offer it. (my opinion, I am not staff). Please just play the game and if someone is struggling with the clue, then try to figure out a way to make a NEW clue that may help them without spoiling the game for them.


  • could they have moved it? I don't see it there. 😞

  • To salve any bad feelings, on the last hunt the staff did request that we limit the info for our hints....(no posting links to the exact page)...just to help keep the fun of the hunt for all.

    They are fine with us leaving each other hints, and as someone already suggested, if you do not understand those given, just ask for another, clearer hint to help you find your way.

    Good luck and happy hunting! 🙂

  • They also moved him around from when y'all saw him last...... so has anyone had any luck and found him again?

  • Well, I must be really dense as I have not only not been able to figure out the clues, I have not been able to find Super K even when I am told exactly where he is. So, for Sunday...can anyone give me a more specific clue...Please?

  • Sunday's deal is super hot for you to center your savings. Hope this clue helps you out!

  • the new moon is in aries...........i just have to report this for those of you like Ketira that did not have a chance to find it super KC yesterday or before yesterday....good luck!....

  • Tyvm mirela! I just found my first KC EVER EVER! tytyty 🙂

  • Could you narrow it down a little more? I just went to the launar reports and found nothing.

  • Ooooops! You were right! I have to also "report" that the new moon is indeed in Aries.

  • I'm still looking using these hints. Did they move it again maybe?

  • I found it this MONDAY morning and when i clicked on it, it said i already found it, NOT TRUE. so i went out for a bit, came home, now it is not where they said it was . anybody else having this problem?

  • Thanks for hints everyone..........finally found my first kc (inser t wuhooooo! here)

    You're absolutely right! I too feel like singing "new moon".......or is that blue moon? hee

  • I Have the problem Also of it saying I found the KC already today which like you said It's not true - I found it yesterday but didn't sign for todays hunt until this evening - Maybe there is a glitch on the day to day? Hope they fix it for tomorrows hunt!

  • I went to where the hints indicated. No Super KC. Weird.

  • hermitha - the reason for the "silly clues" is that they told us in the beginning that if anyone pasted the url to find super kc, they would delete it. the game is much more fun - like a treasure hunt - if you can follow clues. having someone tell you exactly where he is takes all the fun out of it.

  • Hey, everybody, this time around once you find Super KC once and you've received your free reading, you're done. You can go back another day and find Super KC again but you won't receive another free reading. They've changed the game, and now we're only rewarded once for finding Super KC.

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