Anyone found Super KC yet?

  • Ah, that would 'splain why there isn't a second super KC for me. I found him yesterday LOL.

  • For the new moon, do we need to look under aries horoscope, or what section do we hunt in?

  • Oh, ok. thanks for letting me know. i thought it was every day 's accumulation.

  • So What's the point of having a hunt in a new place everyday if you can only win once? I appreciate the community involvement and I do read the area where the KC coins are which is why they have a hunt isn't it? to get us to explore? might as well just left it where it was for 5 days. Little bummed about this round of KC. I guess I'll look forward to next time.

  • I agree ShiningOwl, I found it twice, but only got 5 coins for it twice. I never read where we could only click on it once. Now following all clues, I can't find it again. How long is it suppose to last, and also I did not get my free reading.

  • bikinibeegee--The hunt was for March 28 through March 30. Go to the blogs and scroll down 'til you come to info on the new Super KC search near the bottom of the intial page for the blogs.

    Later, use the contact us button on the tool bar and let know you didn't get your free reading.

  • I was looking for something fun today for April Fools. oh, well. I didn't like this last game. i hope they come up with the usual stuff. and as far as not helping people so much, i don;t think that is fair. some of us have trouble finding the hidden what ever, some of us work, some of us have kids, and don;t have as much time to search.I am battling cancer, and i love to try to find it, but when life gets difficult, it's good to know that I have friends on the forum, just waiting to help out. Keep the faith, guys.

  • Hey SuperPat, I think you're right, I too stay pretty busy, helping take care of sick husband, it was my mom, but my sisters are chipping in now. But now I got my daughter and grandson back. Also I sale avon and try to keep up repairing computers. Sorry to hear about the cancer, hang in there, my mom had it 4 times and is still going.


  • thanks for the encouragement. they gave me 4 weeks and that was 2 years ago, so i'm feelin' pretty special. being Irish is a bonus. people have difficult lives and despair should not be part of it. trying to find a hidden icon, can be frustrating. i always try to find it myself, but when i get stuck and really STRESSED aboiut this, i have all you guys. I hope they do an easter hunt. tht would be fun. and stop making it so difficult. geez. give people back their self-esteem. hahaah. to all out there who are living with problems, don;t despair. you can only reached the bottom and after that , you have to start up.

  • Hi Superpat,I am so sorry about you having cancer.I went through that with my late hubby for years ,but I believe in miracles.I have a young friend online that I have known for 18 months,that has Leukemia.Shes in remission at this moment.I helped her to go through chemo,then bone marrow transplant.We are here for you.Please feel free to talk to us.Love,hugs and friendship,,,,Dina

  • thanks for the support. i started off with cancer of the stomache, small bowel, and liver. after majpr surgery, i am left with 20 spots on the liver. as lond as they stay tiny, i'll be ok. if they turn aggressive, i 'll be in trouble,but they still have treatment for that . so i guess i'm feeling pretty lucky. I can't have chemo because my cancer is growing on the arteries. but every day brings more hopw that they will find a cure for everyone. i'm surprised they don;t have an easter hunt yet. good Friday is coming up. and most people wont' have time on sunday. give my best to your friend. she's really lucky to have a friend like you.

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