What's up with Cap Man?

  • Hey all!

    Before anything:

    Myself: Sun: Cancer, Moon: Aqua, Venus: Cancer, Mars: Leo

    Him: Sun: Cap, Moon: Cancer, Venus: Aqua

    So, I've been "talking" to him (at least I thought I was) for a week and a half. He calls me/ texts me everyday; even if it’s for 5 minutes (he works a lot). Never is the conversation initiated by me, nor do I give him my full attention, and he'll point out that I'm taking long to answer, that I'm always busy. On his days off and days where he gets off early he'll invite me to do something with him alone or his buddies, I always show up 1-3 hours late, my ego gets in the way. Just the other night he tells me he looked forward to talking to me the next day.

    Yesterday was no different; except I didn't go and instead switched it up and told him to come to my friend’s house if he wished (I don't like the thought of running on HIS schedule). He chooses to ignore the invite, and told me he was bored. I said I had given him an option, and he tells me he felt he should be responsible and stay home, I told him he should do what he feels he needs to. He says “you think so?” when I tell him gut feelings are usually correct. He tells me he'll stay home and hang out with his "heartbroken friend," I didn't respond, he texts again and tells me, "I don't understand why people our age get into such serious relationships." I didn't bother texting back, I don't understand what all the calling, texting, and seeing each other was for him, but apparently I read all his signals completely wrong, which honestly, my gut tells me I didn't.

    So, I was pissed, but at this point it, it’s another life lesson. I don't know if maybe he wanted me to refute his point, to tell him to come anyway...but I think I turned 11 20 years ago. He went ahead and texted me this morning.

    So, I want to ask...what's up?

  • Ok ill take wack at this. The comment "I don't understand why people our age get into such serious relationships." was his way of saying " Boy I wanna get outta here, but i cant my pal needs me, yet few seconds to text n think of u may keep me sane"

    The comment "I don't understand why people our age get into such serious relationships." is IN THE MOMENT status not a lifelong sentence. Its a civil way to say why doesnt this bozo wake up n grow up.

    Now comes the deucy dear, him TELLING U this is huge. Its not the words itself BUT a TRUST LOYALTY in u. Not many men comfort other men in heartaches, its come on lets go play pool drink beer n see if we cant raise a chick or too n if we cant hell we´ll go see stripshows.

    The comment shows how much he is INTO U, how MUCH he TRUST u.

    In short dear ;

    HE VALUES UR VIEWS ON LIFE, HE VALUES U A WHOLE LOAD! n believe it or not HIM WANTING U TO HANG WITH HIS N HIS BUDS SHOWS HIS BUD HE IS TAKEN N THEY CAN STOP SETTING HIM UP. if his pals approve of u , u as woman has REACHED THE INNER MOST CIRCLE OF MAN. Oh yea doesnt matter if ma n pa approve, nooooo most important to men is do u get along with my pals n do they get along u? n of course does mom like u.

    1st hurdle is ALWAYS THE GUYS. So please consider this n dont u think ur pissed off ness is MISPLACED???? i think it is, Uve got farther than many woman ive seen on here n in chatrooms. Gurl ure half way there in this relationship wether u believe it or not


  • CharmedWitch, first of all..thank you for responding!

    And I didn't think of it this way, I did realize my "pissed off" was out of place, considering I say this all the time, I was just more concerned on how I'd let myself like him and get such a blow I guess...but you are COMPLETELY correct!

    And second, I don't know how I made the mistake but...He's an Aquarius...which is really funny, considering I tend to only attract Aquas and Sags, so I said "How awesome...something different!"

    🙂 Thanks again!

  • Yw!

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