Am I doing the right thing with this scorpio man?

  • New to this forum and could really use some advice. I started dating an older scorpio male (10/31/58) on the 19th of September and it was fantastic. Dinners, roses, hotels with hot tubs, daily text messages, just lots of little things to let him know he was thinking of me.

    On Oct. 5, we had tentative plans to get together and he ended up calling to cancel. He's dealing with a ton at work, getting ready for a 3 week trip to Afghanistan, his 14 yr old daughter is having depression issues, he wasn't feeling very well and his ex wife (who has custody of the daughter) was sick. I told him that I understood and not to worry about it, that his daughter is the priority. I think he was a little taken aback at my reaction, almost like he was expecting a giant freakout or something. That's not my style, I'm a pretty laid back Taurus (4/21/74).

    I hadn't heard from him in a few days after that conversation, totally not like him. He had never gone more than a day without sending me at least a text message. After a few days of this, I sent him a "Hope you're feeling better" text on saturday. He responded with "Doing good. Sorry I have not contacted you sooner. Just have a ton on my mind. Thanks again for last week. You at work?" I tried to keep the response light "Yes. Great day. Little money but fun. No worries about the contact. I understand that things are overwhelming right now. You're dealing with so much. I'm here if you need me."

    I've left him alone since then, knowing that in general, Scorpios withdraw to deal with stress, but in all honesty I'm confused. I haven't heard from him since that last text last Saturday. I'm at a conflict point because while I know I need to give him time and space to deal with his issues, I've also heard that Scorpios need to know that they are wanted. So do I give him space and time or do I need to send him a "just saying hello" type text to let him know he's still in my heart and thoughts.

    Grrrrrrr...... wish men in general came with an instruction manual!

    Any help and advice is appreciated guys! Blessings to all!

  • This relationship looks best for friendship and worst for marriage. Issues of authority will tend to be at the forefront of this matchup, in terms less of directing others (though this is part of the issue) than of inner resources and private goals. Poking deep into the relationship, one would expect to find an underlying insecuriity linking you two together. You both will put a great deal of emphasis on helping each other achieve your main desire - upward mobility. The success of this endeavour will be a test of the relationship's mettle.

    You two are often drawn to each other physically and a desire-filled love affair can result. Your friend can be a difficult lover for you Kgrace, however, despite his ardor and passion, since he is extremely critical and exacting. He can also be quite cruel in extracting retribution when he feels rejected or not in control, and after a few bouts of whay you may come to view as sadistic behaviour on his part, you may decide to call it quits.

    Marriage here is not particularly advised unless it is engaged in for purely social aims. Even then, both of you must be ready to endure some exhausting and painfully drawn-out episodes. If any type of relationship is to work here, the authority of each partner must be equal. Status and power play a role in this relationship, and your friend in particular can feel resentful if you ever move in more elevated social or professional circles than him. This will undercut his self-assurance. Conflicts can arise if he thinks you are treating him in a condescending or belittling manner. He can also be very unforgiving if he thinks you or anyone else around him is operating out of impure or questionable motives. He believes that to perform the right action for the wrong reason is not good enough and you will become quite bewildered (being as pragmatic as you are) when your friend criticizes you on this front. His ethical stance can be quite bothersome to you and you will see it as unproductive and undermining of the relationship as well as rather hypocritical. Snobbish and judgmental attitudes can be very prevalent here.

  • Old thread I know but this sounds very much like the Scorpio man I've been involved with the last year. Never have I been so confused about a man!!. It has made me quite ill to be honest. How did things work out?

  • Taurus are home bodies and Scorpio's are work dogs and HORN DOGS! My first boyfriend of 5 years was a Scorpio and my ex husband of 18 years was one as well. If you comply with whatever they say, you will be boring to them. Scorpio's like a challenge. It's an ego thing to them. It's like they want to defeat the odds. Crazy I know. But if you want this guy really?? Do not act like you care. Do not be available for his every whim. When he calls, AND DO NOT CALL HIM! tell him you'd love to but another day, because you have already made plans. Dress a little bit nasty. Those guys are ALL EYES and their lower head leads the way ALWAYS. Most important, be confident and secure. They hate wimps. Good Luck Girl! I hope he's worth it.

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