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  • was wondering if someone could give me a reading. I have been single for 19 years. I was raising my kids, taking care of my mother and getting ahead in my job. I really did not feel like I was missing out on anything. About four years ago a young man who came to my house to teach my youngest drum lessons got me involved in the music business. This opened up a whole new world for me. I have met a lot of interesting men and am now feeling like I would like to find a partner. I had been seeing a man (9/14/61) but it does not seem to be going anywhere. I have not hung out with him in a month. Do you see anyone out there for me or will I live out my life alone? Actually, I am not alone as I have a lot of good friends and have been on my own for so long it is not something I mind that much. Just wondering....

    My birthdate is 10/28/47. Not sure of time. Think if was around 6am.

  • it will be next week.

    birth time usually hospital knows. or close relative?

  • I am afraid both of my parents have passed on and I do not know the name of the hospital I was born in. Any other ideas as to how I can retrieve the time of my birth? I current live in Florida but was born in California.

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  • Hello leoscorpion, I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I have been trying for love/marriage, all my life, unsuccessfully. July 6, 71. 6:25 AM. Amritsar, India. I met a guy last year, we were friends and I fell for him. He says he just wants to be friends, however I was sure he wanted to be more than friends. It seems to me that I need to move on but I am stuck. Will I ever have my own family - kids and all ? Thanks.

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    just start your own thread. I am only here for tempestuous

  • I am sorry. I will start another thread. Thanks.

  • Scorpio & Sagittarius

  • where exactly in California were you born?

  • Los Angeles

  • Tempestuous

    I put your birth time as 7:15 AM based on your two rising possibilities. It’s close to your 6 AM assumption also.

    Scorpio and Leo are dominant signs in your chart. Exuding so much Leonine quality, he is drawn to you, because Leo is his purpose. You are a fixed sign dominant, nothing much can deter you from your course. You persevere and possess high level of determination, you don’t change much, probably don’t even like change or move. The world will move around you while you stick to the things and people you love till the end. These are all awesome qualities, but you need to make sure you are not holding on to things and people that are not worth your time and effort. If it’s time to move on, just go with the flow and don’t wait any longer. You do come up with new or even radical ideas and views, but not so much of following other people’s new ideas. Creative and artistic work is one that you enjoy. Midheaven in Leo you will do well in this field, you have a commanding presence, suitable for spotlight.

    Your destiny lies on the house of transformation and possession/value axis. You are destined to experience life altering events that most likely will shake your confidence and force you to improve yourself in order to deal with life changes. Because the house of transformation also rules death, there might have been numerous ‘deaths’ in your life. Death of loved ones, death of relationships you thought would last and they didn’t, death of certain lifestyle, death of the old ‘you’ and separation of any kind, maybe people come and go in your life. But you have the strength to go on despite of life challenges, self improvements will definitely help.

    Your purpose is in Taurus, an earthly sign of artistic talents, possession and pleasure. You have seen how taking music lesson opens up a new world for you : ) improve your creative/artistic talents and more options will come up. Your purpose lies on the house of relationship : by improving your Self you will improve relationship with Others. In the house of Self, sit Mercury Venus and Jupiter. You are communicative and quite social, charming and talented, optimistic, energetic and inspirational. So much fire in you, your presence brings warmth and attracting those who need ‘warmth’, like moth to a flame. You enjoy the idea of comforting them, but often you forget to comfort yourself. Pleasure and comfort are two things Taurus enjoy. So treat yourself now and then, and learn to withdraw when you need to. After all, how do you bring comfort to others, if you never experience comfort and pleasure? Another reason to withdraw yourself now and then is the Sun in the house of the hidden. Neptune is the natural ruler of this house, his illusion can blur your thinking. You are prone to give unconditionally, which is a good thing, but you also give to those who are just manipulating you. That’s the problem. Be careful who you trust, who you give your heart and body to. Self guilt is another thing you need to watch. Compassion has nothing to do with blaming yourself over things you have no control of. Neptune also bestows great intuition, self improvement in spiritual area will be good for you. Moon in the house of Romance aspecting Neptune makes you tend to withdraw from spotlight and be alone. But with Leo dominant in your chart you can’t hide for long, people will be looking for you, for the warmth your presence brings. Sometimes you can be moody, aggressive and feeling miserable for no apparent reason. Again, stay away from those that drain you, their negativity can hurt you. Neptune himself sits in Libra, a whole lot more love for artistic and beautiful things, and the talents, of course. But with Neptune, your imagination takes you to a whole new artistic world, as if you don’t have enough talents already. With Neptune here your sense of fairness and justice can be blurred. Again be careful who you trust and which option to take (if you have to choose anything). Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes and use you for their own pleasure.

    Jupiter in Sagitarius shows you will enjoy higher learning and long distance travelling if you can afford it. All kinds of self improvements increase confidence, and confidence will attract more attention to you. This time, it will be the right attention, maybe even from the right person : ) Interesting that you have quite a few helpers in the house of higher learning. Mars and Pluto merge to focus your energy here. Use this abundant of energy to your advantage, take the higher learning needed to improve yourself, because it will improve the way you relate to others and help you achieve success in creative / artistic field. If you have any doubts about improving yourself by taking higher learning, it’s because Saturn sits in this house too. He likes to cling to what he already knows. Saturn is always cautious, but Mars and Pluto won’t let you stop for long. Just take one little step each time, no need to hurry. One way to keep Saturn happy is to be creative and playful. Play some music, dance the night away. When stress is gone (Saturn is asleep), return to your self improvements.

    Mercury in Scorpio gives a deep thinker, problem solver, but be careful with your choice of words, you can be too ‘penetrating’. Venus in Scorpio is a sensual and alluring lover, more alluring than your Virgo. But you are prone to extreme jealousy and possessive, you can hate as much as you love. This is a good placement for creative writing or song writing, so much deep emotions. With Scorpio dominant power struggle is inevitable. You experience inner power struggle that manifests outside, in your relationship with others. Usually creative channel is not enough to unleash Plutonian energy, so as part of your self improvement, go with energetic channel like sports. Do a combination of yoga, meditation, running and aerobic. This way both spiritual and physical health improvements are covered. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive signs, another reason to nurture intuition in order to improve spiritual life. You have so much to do, I would suggest do the work necessary to achieve your purpose and leave everybody else with their own inner work, including your Virgo. If you don’t improve yourself, your relationship life won’t be fulfilling.

    His sun in your house of career and public image. He admires and respects you. Something about you shows charisma and leadership ability. His purpose in Leo is a purpose of leadership and ultimate creativity. This is what attracts him to you, the leadership quality and so much creative talents you possess. His moon sits close to god of illusion Neptune, making him attractive: a charmer that is usually successful in drawing people to his side, maybe even fall for him. In Scorpio, his magnetism is increased. Whether he uses this magnetism for good or not, it is his choice. He is somewhat secretive, however, deep inside like everyone else he is yearning for the same thing : happiness. No matter how many he attracts, he won’t find happiness without working out his own issues first. Venus sits with Uranus close to his Purpose in Leo, he is a showy lover, he spoils his lover with gifts and attention and boasts about her, he also wants to be treated the same. He needs a lot of space and excitement in relationship, or it will bore him and he will be distant. He can’t deal with possessiveness and intense lover, he will see these attributes as a threat to his freedom. Venus aspecting moon and Neptune shows a great artistic and imaginative talent, so much imagination that he may not be wise with money or tend to escape reality he is often not being realistic. Pluto in Virgo focuses his energy working behind the scene, he doesn’t really crave spotlight, but he can be obsessed in perfection and get bogged down by details in order to make it all perfect. Because his purpose is in Leo, this energy is good to have in achieving leadership in creative field. But his strive for perfection can be unbearable in daily life and pushes away those whom he attracts in the first place. Or it’s the other way around, he is not satisfied with his own performance and so he withdraws. Mercury and Mars in Libra gives him an active mind and courage to defend his point. In Libra, it helps him focus on the artistic side of things. It can take him a long time to make decisions, so if you are waiting for him to contact you, it won’t be anytime soon. He is a sensitive soul needs constant reassurance of his gifts and talents. With so much Scorpion energy in you, his sensitivity won’t help him deal with the intensity. Maybe it’s best that you both takes the time away from each other after all. He has his own issues to work on anyway. This is all I can see in his chart.

    Jupiter is actually touring your house of romance now until spring 2011 approximately. Get out and about, have fun no expectation no pressure. You can also meet more people while taking classes for self improvements, that's a good thing right? Around spring to September 2012 Jupiter will enter your house of relationship. Where Jupiter is, you can expect abundance. Just be careful when you have to make important decisions, even when luck is abound.

  • Leoscorpion.

    Thank you so much. I assume from your handle you have a lot of scorpio/leo in your birth chart. It is nice to meet you.

    This reading was really what I needed at this time. I actually started a charcoal drawing of my youngest son about a month ago and had so many comments on it I have been experimenting with different ways to express myself artistically. I have always had an artistic bend but have only expressed it through everyday things like parties or holidays. I was so busy raising kids by myself and taking care of business I never took time to explore my talents. The rest of my family are all in the arts in one form or another…music, writing, acting and producing so I suppose I come by it naturally.

    I also have felt in the last couple of years I have been taken advantage of by a few people who I considered friends. This reading pointed out truths that I know deep down inside but have avoided dealing with. Guess it is about time I move on and work on myself.

    The part where you mention “destined to experience life altering events that most likely will shake your confidence and force you to improve yourself in order to deal with life changes”… I was wondering if I am going through one of these right now or am going to in the near future? Everything seems so disoriented right now for me.

    Again thank you so much for your insight.


  • tempestuous

    I am glad it helps. I am Sun in Leo with Pluto dominant. So I fit into Scorpio more than Leo. A destiny axis is activated by transits and cosmos placements. This is theme of your life, a recurring theme. If it hasn’t happened before, it will happen. It can happen many times in your life, each time to develop you more. But you didn’t realize it until now, so each time it happened you became more confused. You can choose to start a new without looking back, or if you keep a diary, look back you might find events that made you or should’ve made you improve yourself. Small things such as someone saying you are not good with something, or someone disappointed you where as you didn’t have to rely on them in the first place.

    My purpose is in Scorpio house of Self. Yours is in Taurus house of Self. You know where I am coming from and I know where you are coming from. Taurus rules pleasure, possession and value. In my youth every I needed to improve knowledge and skills was made available. As much as money could afford it, my parents went all the way to provide it for me. So everything to improve my self worth/value was available. I am never rich, but I always find money (possession) and I am always provided ( my husband always brings food to the table, if I don't earn much myself ). I loved to have fun. So much that I would grab any chance to earn money to pay for beautiful things and pleasure.

    BUT North node in Scorpio is the purpose of mastery. I am to find the real meaning of life, beyond material possession and beautiful things. Instead of accumulating beauty and wealth, I am to find beauty and wealth in me and utilize them. Instead of pride collecting someone else's work, I am to put my own signature (I have my own business). And so the cosmos took everything and everyone I loved, because in order to start a new, I had to start with nothing. As soon as I understand this purpose, I returned to Pluto. Being him dominant, it is not hard to find him. Now, I find 'fun' in deeper learning of myself (house of Self), that I found by learning the lessons from the cosmos especially Pluto.

    In your case, it will be the other way around. So if you read mine, just reverse it : ) You are lost because none of your dominant planets are in Taurus. There is no 'apparent' road sign. But you have it within you, return to yourself (house of self). You have given so much for others, you will now take the time for yourself. Your creativity, and creative family. Take some time out with family, visit them, mingle and maybe help them with creative projects. Play music, any time any where. In your car, in the bath, at work, when you jog. Take vocal or musical courses. I will be very surprised if you can't sing or compose your own song. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a highly artistic sign. Talented and intuitive, you have everything you need to start. Develop them, and start as soon as you can.

  • Yes I have re-invented myself severa times in my lifetime. Each time being scared to death but going forward anyway. I know no other way. When things in my life start going bad I look for a way to make it good for me and mine. Discovering music was a blessing...dealing withe the personalities a challenge. But I persevere. My biggest concern has my ability to handle my finances....I do have a tendency to help others in need...not always the best decision on my part. But I am learning or hope I am. Keeping a diary sounds like a good idea. Thanks again for you input. It has given me new life...

  • tempestuous

    glad it helped. have a good week.

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