Virgo and Aries frienship?

  • Hi, can anyone advise on compatibility of Virgo and Aries as close friends. I am female 29/08/79 and his birthday 02/04/85. Due to certain long term commitments in near future we will need to spend lot of time together and to certain extend share home. At the moment I dont really know him, seen once, often chat on-line, but thats all. We have few common very close friends that speak highly of him. I would appreciate any advice on communication with Aries (not love or any form of woman/man relationship but as friends only). Due to plans we have we both want this relationship to work but what worrying me is to what extend I can rely on him and trust him, i will need to share home with him for few years!?

  • Aries and Virgo usually get along very well, coming from personal experience with Virgo's.

    Many of my friends (long time friends) are Virgo, we seem to get along very well. We are a little different emotionally, however, we never fight or argue. We share the same views and have experienced much of the same things.

    Friendship is friendship, regardless of birth sign. Either you get along or you don't.

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