Is it the culture or what some people do?

  • someone wrote me this:

    "As it says in the ancient Hebrew scriptures, "To every thing there is a season." A new season, a new cycle and the zodiac new year have just started ... producing a bounty of fresh energy for you to tap into.

    As you feel the bright energy of the New Moon, which represents new beginnings, glowing in impetuous Aries, this is a great time for turning corners and jumping ahead. But it is a good idea to make sure you start the new season with the advantage of understanding where you are sitting in the larger cycles in your life."

    here is how i interpret this:

    Someone is insecure- he or she thinks everyone needs to KNOW of his great culture.

    Some unasked propaganda?? and what culture has to do with what some of their people did or do? Nothing!!! But does any one cares that this is person is so illogical?

    I also found someone writing a full website, actually a couple to pursue his fixed ideas...

    then to feel good about his work... started quoting people of his own kind telling what a great job he did. Kind of like the Oscars nominations.. every year they promote each other.. in the same circle of friends.. and they call it international..

    Madness went even further and it went to 9-11.. hello madness... how far someone can someone can go?... It is better to event new situations when someone may run out of SUPPORT in their ideas.. collaboration i say.. it's important to pursue their madness, their hate

    and so is funding for their cause.. So they have to lie to their "Uncle" that is a different matter so they can get his support..

    Will their uncle be so naive to believe them? they tried it before.. and it did not work

  • Well... um.. I'm confused.

    This was such an ambiguous posting. Did you just need to vent?

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