Very strange dream last night

  • Last night i had a very strange dream. Im not sure where i was but there were people wanting to hang me. They were saying i was a witch. In my dream i had told them I was not a witch and that i have not used any evil power against anyone. My husband somehow managed to get them to not hang me. I did however see them hang a young boy maybe 10 yrs old. I can usually figure out what my dreams mean but this one has me unsure. Ive never had a dream like this. If anyone else has had a simular dream or can figure this one out please share your thoughts. Thank you.... Destiny

  • Hello Destiny,

    You must have psychic powers that are surfacing or that you hide and are afraid to use as this dream is saying to you, therefore your voice is cut off ( Hanged) and your powers lay dormant. Your husband saved you in the dream, does he listen to you in reality? The 10 yr old boy, do you have a son or a nephew this age? This would explain that they too have gifts they are afraid of and are not heard or used as of yet.

    Hope this was of help.

  • Hi Destiny, Who really knows what realm we enter into while asleep. Sometimes I think our forms travel or leave our bodies. Sometimes I think it's easier for the spirit realm to communicate with us. I do know that our subconscious thoughts can surface in our sleep to let us see our subconscious thoughts. Back during the Salem witch hunts a lot of people (women) were killed unjustly. Maybe your picking-up on that. What part of the country are you in.

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