How to act in a relationship with scorpio?

  • do you tell them you love them often? that you are proud of them?

    i know they like mysterious..but what kind of mysterious?

    if they get too jealous or hurt, they i dont want to be too mysterious.

    what else do they like?

  • the last scorpio guy i dated said he liked for his girl to always want to be with him that he liked his girl to all up under him

  • so a needy girl huh? yeah when we broke up at one point he said "what happened to the girl who couldnt spend a day away from me?"

    but then again i know another mom and her boyfriend..where she doesnt pay attention to him at all and all he does is text and call her all day and want to be with her.

  • i TOTALLY disagree

    i know MANY scorpios i have scoprio mother, friends and ex lovers

    they loathe to feel like someone is needy or smothering them

    I really don;t think you should be letchy with him, be cool, relax take it as it comes and dont give all your feelings about him right away it will scare him off

    Look up online about what scorpio men like and it might help

    good luck

  • yes but what about after being together for 3 years? can u still not express your love 100%?

  • oh gosh its totally different when you are with them !

    i thought you were dating

    of course he needs to know you love and care for him because thats all they desire is to be loved, just not possesed!

  • It depends on the Scorpio. Do you have his birth info?

    I dated a Scorpio a while back. He had Moon in Gemini, so he was more emotionally detached than the average Scorpio, but certain rules still apply. For one, they are very possessive. They like to own you, and they like to think that they matter just as much to you as you do to them. You don't need to be mysterious with them, as they have a very penetrating quality and are avid mystery solvers, so they will see right to the heart of you in most cases.

  • his birthday is november 4 1985

  • but what if we are not together...we are exes....and i hope to be together again soon?

    i know we both love eachtoher

  • If you have his time and place of birth, I can get a better look, but so far I'm seeing a possible Sun-Pluto conjunction. He is very intense!

    My Scorpio ex stalked me for some time and still tries to communicate with me. It's hard for them to let go because of their possessiveness. It may take him some time to warm up to you again, depending on what drove you two apart. Don't push him too much. He'll come around in his own time. Just let him know you're there, and that you want to be his again. He'll take it from there.

    I see no reason to withhold how you feel. If you want to tell him you love him or are proud of him, do so. Really, he probably already knows this, but telling him gives him added satisfaction.

  • idk the time but he was born in downey (LA area) CA

    i was born in queens new york on july 29 1989 at 432 pm

  • weve been talking almost every day over text. he has been telling me that he loves me every once and a while, that i am the only girl for him, that im the most beautiful girl in the world ect. but we are not together anymore.

    i dont know how to act when we finally do see eachother again...he says he is coming up this way for a surfing trip. i dont want to become friends with benefits....

  • "i dont want to become friends with benefits."

    Good, then don't because that is what he is counting on.

  • also negative. thanks.

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