Shuabby...can you please give me a lil insight?!?!

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I'm not sure if you recall me or my situation...but i'm hoping that perhaps you can give me a lil insight here.

    I met a man 2 months ago at my cousins wedding; we went out a couple of times. This Saturday will be two weeks since our last date...which i thought went well. To be honest, of course this is the getting to know you process and me being a lil shy and when you start dating you (well i hold back) a lil because it's new - different and takes a lil time before you feel comfortable being yourself with them.

    well needless to say we haven't been out since...i thought he had a good time...we held hands he had his arm around me...we kissed....things one does when they feel a connection...right?

    well...i didn't hear from him and my cousin said he's shy and awkward with girls and has "girl issues" not sure what that truly means. But i sent him a text message last thursday and asked if he wasn't busy last weekend or even one night this week if he'd like to get together for drinks (on me). He never is a week ago i sent him that text.

    is he "not interested" (obviously) right? i don't understand...i thought this could have been a potentially good thing. but what gives...i mean not to respond to my text at all...that hurts a lil bit.

    can you tell me if you see anything with this guy? or is there someone else coming into my life?

    my dob: 01/29/82

    thank you - 182

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  • Shuabby...i hate to bother you. But, can you please give me any insight?

    Thank you in advance...

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  • i still nvr heard from "the guy"...oh well... i guess it wasn't meant to be 😞

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