Please ANYONE help me with my scorpio.

  • i want him back. i want the love and devotion we used to have before our arguments made us grow apart.

    we have been exs for all of 6 months. calling back and fourth, saying we miss eachother but arguing about the stupid past.

    we finally had the balls to put our EGOS aside. IM A LEO HES A SCORPIO. and we talked on the phone for about an hour yesterday and the day before. he told me i was the only one for him and that it was nice to hear my voice.

    i told him all about my new life up at school (i am 8 hours away now, we used to live together).

    i was happy, confident, and he was in a bad place and down on life so i told him how hes going to be okay and how proud i am of him.

    we started talking about our friends and problems. i wound up saying "you cant trust anyone these days"

    and he says he can trust me. thats a big deal.

    i said yes, you can trust me with your life. can i trust you?

    he says yes.

    then he goes on to say how i am so beautiful and how i am the most beautiful girl in the world and hes looking at pictures of me on his computer and how happy i look.

    we try to video chat but it didnt work. he says we will have to send eachother pictures and videos.

    he says he is coming up this way to visit and that we should meet up.

    when we finally are hanging up with eachother on the phone i feel its right to say love you, goodnight and he says love you too.

    then i text him this one video he sent on text was funny and he says goodnight princess, you are the best.

    the next day i call him to say hi and to wish him luck in a meeting he is having that day. i tell him that my camera for video chatting is working now and we should skype soon. he says ohhh littles okay thank you what he calls me. i say ok good luck in your meeting. bye.

    havent heard from him that night or all day today.

    i have a feeling he is either intimidated by the independence ive gained since i moved away for college.. i have two jobs up here now and i am going to a UC school.

    i used to be very dependent on him. hanging out with him every day.

    or maybe i scared him off because things got so deep and i showed love so quickly and now he is pulling away a little.

    what do you think?

    i really would like to get back together with him again and am wondering the best way to go about this.

    i have not called him all day today and am going to give him some space. wondering if i should wait for him to call me..or if i should just call him since im so far away anyway. its not that hard to play hard to get up here...

  • Yep, you guessed it. Scorpios like to dominate their partners and you being a Leo will eventually find a way to shine and be strong. Once you find your strength, there is no way back to your old dependent self which the Scorpio wants back. So there will always be this conflict between you.


  • so what to do?

  • but maybe he just didnt feel like video chatting and since he knew thats what you wanted to do he didnt answer the phone scorpios are weird at times they love to be in control secretly but he obviously still really likes you

  • call him or text him to see what happened ....................

  • I say give him space. He will contact you. This is coming from a Scorpio gal. It is hard for us to show to much emotion after being hurt or what have you. We are controlling, but to be honest with you its that we want to be in control of ourselves, and maybe he felt he was losing control so fast. Good luck and just take it slow.

  • You have to tell him that you are not going back to that once-dependent state you were in with him. If he can't handle that, then too bad for him. Find someone who wants an equal relationship, not an insecure person like this one. Unless you want someone to control you for the rest of your life?

  • he wound up texting me that hes been keeping really busy and hes with friends, will videochat soon that he hopes i had a good night and he loves me.

    do any of you have any advice for getting back together? i want the commitment....

  • HI - may I ask - what is a UC school? You say you have 2 jobs and are going to school? how do you find the time. How are your academics holding up?

    I would be concerned about doing well in school above anything else at this point. School is what will get you where you are going and where you are meant to be, I am not sure I wrote that right. Anyway, I am all too familiar with your situation. The best solution is to attend as many on campus fun things as possible and to not text him or call him and see who you meet in school and what happens over the next 6 months.

  • What you are asking is not how to get him back - but how to change him so that he is easier to live with when you get him back. You know the current way to get him back is by going back to your old dependent self - but that part of you has died. The only person we have a right to try and change is ourselves. You are hoping he might change by himself, and he is hoping the same for you. You both want each other to be different from what you are so I am wondering if you are actually in love with each other or just some ideal of a partner?

  • i have not started school. UC schools are the top schools in california. right now i am working. iw ill start in january and i WILL do my absolute best. I promise. I just like knowing i have him cheering me on and loving me back at home.

    maybe youre right about the ideal partner thing...but what we used to have was really special. i just want to bring it back. he was loving and i was loving. ya i was more dependent on him because i lived with him. but theres no reason for that love to die while i make the sacrifice of going to school. i will eventually come back to him. but with a degree and direction in life.

  • what happened to you turtle dust? i see you have been following my crazy scorpio drama and i appreciate the help. i do not want to give up my future and my goals. i promise to succeed in that area. because my mother did not have an education and when she divorced was left with nothing and no career. that will not be me.

  • There is every reason for his love for you to die if it was dependent on you being submissive and weak and relying on him. That means it wasn't really you he wanted, just a mindless groupie. All I hear you saying is "I want this...and I want that from him." 'Want' is a future wish, what are you getting from him NOW? You are living in a fantasy of your wildest dreams - if you want love and support, give it to yourself. Don't seek it from another, because they are probably wanting the same from you, not to give it but to receive it. Find someone who wants to give love and support - your ex just wants to take it.

  • Scorpissues: I was wondering because in your previous post you said ou had been accepted to an Ivy League School so I assumed that you were now on the East Coast attending an IVY League School. But now you say you on at a UC which is on the West Coast. I am familiar with all these schools. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brown and several UC;s. These are amongst the most challeging centers of higher learning and, regardless of your major, studying takes a lot of time. And you cannot deny yourself the social opportunites that will be afforded to you by attending university. There is nothing I can tell you that the Captain has not already said, or that someone else has not already said. You will emerge after 4 years of college - a stronger, more educated, more independent person. You cannot see this, or understand it because you have not yet done it. It is an entriely new life for you. I you are with him in 4 years - I feel that he will likely try to downgrade the importance of your education, to always keep you subordnate to him, you will grow tired and angry and may regret the opportunities you may have lost by staying with him.

    Do not accept lesser for yourself, than what you deserve. You are very lucky to have gotten where you are. Use it as a stepping stone to start building YOUR future.

  • why so negative? why cant it be positive? why cant the past be a learning experience? why cant i socialize and make friends and still have him to love waiting for me back home?

    of course he wanted me all to himself and he didnt like me coming up here at first. but he has to accept it....

  • Not negative dear, it's reality, something you don't want to see. Everyone here has given you the right advice. The relationship is over, if he comes to see you now like you said he would, you will both have some passionate time but that is all. He wont wait for you and you shouldn't waste your time on him. Even though you can't see it now, you are too good for him.

  • well you guys were right. hes seeing some girl on the side of telling me he loves me. thank you. it hurts. it will take time but i will be fine again soon.

  • Sorry to hear that Scorp but you are right, you will be just fine and you will be better for it. Just hang in there.


  • Been there

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