Someone thinks can control me

  • Your ever-present confidence seems to be AWOL -- and you're in a situation where a bit of pluck might come in handy. No worries, mate. Just fake it 'til you make it.

    -.. who is fake in here "mate"?.. I think the ones that wrote this are the ones in trouble here..

    "Not offending anyone could be tricky. That goes double for those hapless individuals who have incurred your wrath in the recent past. Concentrate on your affection for your paycheck."

    • ..are they talking about themselves?.. If i were left alone by thE writers of those stupid messages perhaps I could concentrate on something more profitable.. but when they are there 24-7 how can one DO anything else? would you change your cloths with a stranger or strangers in the same room? would you take a bath when someone is watching you/

    probably NOT

  • Oh, I heard that the quote "Fake it till you make it" was from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, but idk, maybe he got it from someone else.

  • But in other words, could you be more specific about your question?

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