Insight on cancer friend

  • I have recenty got back in touch with a friend from high school. We have had our share of times back was about 11 to 12 years ago. He is a cancer bday is 07-18-80 and i was wondering if I should keep connecting with him or should I just leave it alone. I did have something for him around that time but i dont want to rely on old feelings if its not worth anything. My bday is 8-20-82 can someone give me insight on what I should do if anything at all....thanks

  • Hey gurl

    Did any say u oughta grab him n race to the alter n do the wows?

    Friendship never hurt did it? if ya not sure keep it friendly. Juss start as friends n let time tell u what comes. I doubt it will hurt ya.

    good luck!

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