Compatibility reading please?

  • I recently met this guy who I really like and he seems to like me also, although we seem to clash a little, we are both fire signs i think this is why. I was wondering if I could get a reading on our compatibility as a couple ? Would be greatly appreciated. His bday is April 14, 1973 and mine is 4 th of August 1976.

    Thanks in advance. 😄

  • This relationship is often intensely confrontational and its struggles can assume gigantic proportions. Neither party will show much willingness to back down so marriage or a long term love relationship is not particularly recommended, although sometimes friendship can work out if a ceasefire and a suitable division of labor can be agreed upon, or if you two unite in a cause or in a fight for something outside the relationship. The central issue in a love affair between you will be love versus power. The level of combativeness will often be directly related to its level of passion. Peace can come if both of you are willing to give up your struggles and commit yourselves to unconditional love, but this often won't be possible and the affair may bring great pain before it inevitably ends. Both of you are very physical types, so that intimidation or bodily threat, which in more extreme cases may even be fuflilled, cannot be ruled out. You two are also capable of a great deal of emotional detachment, and neither should expect a great deal of sympathy from the other. Because you are so evenly matched in your will to win, you would make better opponents in friendship, sport or business where you can exercise your competitive instincts in more socially accepted ways than in a love affair. Outright enmity is unlikely except in extreme cases, because of your mutual respect for each other's power and capabilities.

  • You are so right Captain!!! I broke it off, we clash too much and It was starting to be a headache. I wish him luck but I can't deal with him and I believe if it's a struggle at the beginning just let it go, maybe I am wrong but I always cut my losses and leave. LOL

    I would really appreciate a reading one my career prospects , will it get any better in the next 12 months? Date of Birth is 4th of August 1976. Thanks a bunch Captain! 😄

  • This year for you overall is all about home, friends and family and your responsiblities in this direction. 2012 is the year when your career will really take off. But until then, November this year should be a lesser but still powerful time for advancing in your working life if you take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented.

  • Thanks captain, I really appreciate your time. 🙂

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