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  • Help, I am working p/t but have an opportunity to apply for a f/t position at my current workplace. I am not sure if I should apply because, 1) the pay is low (has benefits though), and 2) i have worked with the person that will supervise me before and sometimes she can be a real pill to work with. she has indicated to me that she wants me to apply for the job. should i hold out for something better or is there a long-term benefit to applying for this job. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • You should apply for the job but I doubt you will like it much. But it will improve your resume and job prospects while you look around for something else.

  • that's what I'm afraid of is that I won't like it. And, I hate to take it knowing that its just until something better comes along. Thank you for confirming what I feel.

  • No it will be good for you in that a higher position will impress prospective bosses in the future.

  • ok I will apply.

  • Hi, One of the mistakes I've made before is staying in a dead-end or a job I didn't care for. Consider this a step-up but also use it until you get something better. A job is a gift. Sometimes it's people who are difficult and not the job.

  • thanks Dalia, I never thought of it that way. It's not that I am unhappy in my current p/t job or not grateful to have a job, believe me I am. I guess I just hate accepting it when I know it's only temporary and will probably keep looking. This job will be 15-20k less than my last f/t job last year. it's a huge cut!

  • But what you will learn - no matter how short the time period - will be invaluable.

  • Hi Captain, I have applied for the job and was granted an interview last Thursday. What's your feeling about the situation now? any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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