Hi guys its twinsoul Happy Halloween Please read comments

  • michelle, hi

    I feel your anxiety, so i will answer although you are over the limit. I will not answer anyone else on this thread as i will become dizzy from page hopping.

    Moving to Rialto is a nice idea. You will meet someone there and get deeply involved, possible marriage. I cannot get a handle on a career change. Maybe no change. Matthew is not for you. He has a secret.



  • Thank You so much TwinSoul for answering my questions. Sorry about going over the limit. I have decided to move to Rialto and go back to school for nursing. Blessings to you.

  • Hey there TS,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, not soon enough alright! 🙂 But I will patiently wait, safe in the knowledge it's just a little longer til we can have a little space - my little cottage seems to have swallowed one of those 'drink me' bottles!

    Thank you my friend, I truly hope you are well & happy; I shall email soon - exam looming.

    Take care;-)



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