Hi guys its twinsoul Happy Halloween Please read comments

  • dear watergirl

    the sign business is for you. Tom is not up to the love part yet, but does care for you.



  • dear HP

    yes, yes and yes. Nice things coming your way.



  • hi Dmick

    best of luck in your new business. it will go very well. thank you for your kind wishes. best of all good things to you.



  • hi there

    forgot your name sorry

    yes you will be asked out soon. That guy thinks that you are pretty.



  • Thanks TS - I certainly need good things atm!

  • happydoc

    yes to all three questions. yay



  • hi tenchi

    hi, you will move in may to a really cool place.Great apt. Romance in June. Have a great week. who is barbara. Keep hearing that name...

    blessings and thanks for trying to help me out here


  • songofsharon


    pediatrics or post op

    i dont love pats evergy think you can do better.

    more money equals better life.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Twinsoul

    Thank you for answering my questions. I need to know about Pat's energy. He is trying so very hard to be the right person for me after I wanted to leave him and date others. He has cleaned up his act; lost weight (140 lbs!), divorced his wife,stopped drinking etc- all since April. How long is this going to last? He will do anything for me, I never seen him this way. He tells me this is the new Pat, I will be like this forever . Yea, rt. LOL. He won't let me go. Please advise SOS

  • Thanks TS!!

    Of course you know I'll fight against the timeline to make things happen quicker 😄

    Not sure who Barbara is. Someone coming in the future maybe?

    Anyhoo, have a great week!

  • Hello, Twinsoul

    I am new and would like some info.

    1. Any changes in my love life for 2011?

    2. Am I going in the right direction regarding my education and career?

    3. Will I ever have children?

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Thanks in advance!

    Stay in the light!

  • Twinsoul thank you very very much, those were great news, my heart is very happy!

    Hope you had a great Halloween weekend! cheers and blessings 🙂

  • Thank You 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well hello there my gorgeous friend!

    I thought I'd have a quick peek in here before launching into some study, hoping to find you:-)

    And here you are! I truly hope things are fabulous for you; I'm so happy I could just burst.

    However, some questions always emerge...

    1. When will we move?

    2. When will our financial situation become more comfortable?

    3. Will my mum be cooperative with our plans?

    My wish is for my happiness and blessings to infect everyone I encounter:-)

    Thank you so much friend, I shall email soon - been on Planet Boyfriend as my cousin calls it.



  • Hi Twinsoul, I was wondering if you seen my post I think I made it in the 10 you said you would do. If not that is ok. Thank you and bleesed be. Michelle

  • Michelle, you were actually #11. Twinsoul posted all ten responses. More likely than not she won't come back and do extras or else she'll get completely swamped with requests. There are other readers here that may be able to help. Just post a new thread and someone should come along and help you out.

  • Thank you twinsoul! I am very happy!

  • well hello there WW xxx

    yes you will move. Before July. Not soon enough, I know. But you will not be happy with a quick decision, trust your intuition on this one. there will be a place with numbers 2 and 6 in the address. Dont rush my impatient friend. Finances are going to be tight for a bit loner, sorry. dont let that come between you love birdies. it will ease over time. Mom will approve as long as you invite and promise to visit often. She will complain but it will be fine. you know her, so deal with her disapproval, she never means it really.

    much love and blessings


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