Hi guys its twinsoul Happy Halloween Please read comments

  • hi everyone

    boooo, TS is back for halloween wishes for all of you. Still getting confused hopping from page to page, trying to answer as many requests as I can. Please remember, I read all of your questions. I do not necessarily answer them in order. I dont necessarily answer all of them. I can only answer the ones that my guides give me an answer to. BUMMER, I know.

    Well the first 10 posters can have three questions answered. Three questions, three totally different topics. and one wish.


    Will I move this year.

    Does Fred love me.

    Is my daughter getting into grad. school?

    My wish is for my family to be healthy and happy. ( wishes for world peace are done every day in my prayers, so far no success, but I will never give up ).

    This is an example of three questions i am unable to answer this time:

    Will I meet my soul mate soon?

    What is his name?

    Does he know me ?

    So three short questions. One subject and one object per sentence. K

    Love and Blessings

    Happy Hauntings Y'all


  • Twinsoul,

    Its been awhile ! hope things are going good..

    Happy Early Halloween !!!

    Question #1. Do you see me in the entertainment industry

    of any kind, acting modeling,dancing ect ?

    Question #2 Finacially stable ?

    Question #3 How will things for me be in 2011 ?

    Wish : I wish for my will to be done .

    thank you so much blessings, i understand if nothing comes through..

    thanks in advance angel .

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  • Hi Twinsoul... I have many questions right now.... Andf thank you for your kind offer 🙂

    #1 - Is my friend who died last week still around?

    #2 - Will I meet someone soon?

    #3 - Will I be able to have a holiday at Christmas

    My wish is that I be truly loved by a special man who I truly love..



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  • Thanks for the offer! Happy Halloween!

    1. are my feeling for the guy i like mutual

    2. will my career goals come to be

    3. will i be asked out soon

    Hope to hear from you!

  • Thank you TwinSoul!

    1. Does Johnny truly love me and think about me?

    2. Will he and I ever be intimately together in the future?

    3. What will be the outcome of my current relationship?

    I wish: For my financial situation to miraculously improve within the next 4-6 months!

  • Hi twinsoul, thanks for doing this 🙂

    1. Will J and I be in a relationship and get married eventually (in the next two years)?

    2. Will my current professor/advisor keep me for at least one year as his lab technician?

    3. Will I find a job I love in the next two years?

    Thanks very much. 🙂 and Happy Halloween to you too.

  • Forgot my wish... to find a job I'm passionate and good at and remunerates me very well so I can give back to my parents part of all the blessings and support they provided me through out my studies.

  • Welcome back. Great timing again. I just decided to pop in before going to bed since I knew I'd be offline for a few days.

    Hope you picked up some karma coins 🙂

    Here's my qs:

    1. Will I move out of the city this year?

    2. Will I get my dream apt/housing in 6 months?

    3. Will I have any romantic interests in 6 months?

    My wish: For my parents to have a little more calmness in their lives.

    Much thanks in advance.

  • 2 more spaces open!!

  • Just a wish.. That I will have a job by November 5th!!

  • Since I beat the deadline 😉

    I would like to know if I will hear good news in November?

    Also, will my friend (G) tell me the truth, as to what is going on; the reason as to why there has been so much drama in his life?

  • OH!!! you said three questions! I am a bit spacey tonight...sigh.

    question #3 Do you see me pregnant in 12 months?

    Thank You so much 🙂


    Blessings for doing this service


    loving silver wings

  • Hello Twinsoul!

    Here are my questions

    #1 Is Pat the right man for me?

    #2 As an RN what area in nursing would be good for me to work in?

    #3 What are the changes in my lifestyle that will be happening this year?

    I wish that I will be happy and confident in my life regardless of the challenges I face.

    Best wishes and Thank you TwinSoul 🙂

  • Hello TS,

    I think I'm # 10, I hop I made it in time.

    1- Is moving to Rialto the right/best thing for me to do?

    2- What type of career do you see me doing in the future?

    3- Will Matthew and my relationship ever become serious?

    My wish is for you Twinsoul to have peace, love and happiness now and always.

    Thank you, Michelle

  • addicted to riches

    yes i see you singing and dancing in a pink outfit. you are not bad. broadway style. you can act as well. just do it!

    manifest your wish, you can. I am giving it a nudge for you.

    Blessings , study hard


  • hi pilot

    G is a drama queen, omg. He looooves it. sounds like you dont. Take a short vacation from the drama. November will be a happy time for you.



  • hi juliana

    thank you my love for the beautiful prayer. i am praying for you as well.



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