Help...!My energies are in a state of flux

  • I need the help of my gifted brothers and sisters out there for positive energy to flow and heal.I have asked the universe to please give clarity to a matter of the heart for me,but I am so emotional(CANCERIAN) that I cannot help myself right now.Please share with me as I am in emotional and spiritual pain.

    by the Lady,blessed Be

  • i just wonted to say stay positive and mind body and soul i am battling the same thing so your not by your self i was once told that you have to seround your self with positive people and maybe thats is what you need and don't do to much thinkin try to stay aflote keep telling yourself that its all in gods hands now

  • I don't want to sound "all wise", but sometimes, once you have asked the Universe to show you the way, you really have to let go and let it happen. Often, we are so caught up in willing what we think is best for us to happen, we overlook what's placed directly before us. Patience is the most difficult thing to learn, but, once done, giving yourself over completely, to be literally a reed in the Universe's breeze, is truly wonderful. I've done it, and I know/feel the difference in my life, you are never given more than you can bear. Open your heart, mind and eyes and feel positive, know that you are never alone and just "BE". Try it and let me know how you get on. Blessings.

  • This post should be renamed the CancerCircle! I, too am a cancerian and boy do I know what you mean about waning and waxing energy! Warmth, I love your reply! I wanted to add to not forget your meditation and "grounding" especially with white light. As you focus on the protective white light, you will focus on the Universe that gives it and to which you have asked for help and this will focus you on "letting go and letting God", as the 12-steppers say...soon you will feel the "help" you desire

  • Thankyou,

    I will take a big breath and try to allow the intentions I requested of the universe happen.Let te magick do Its work.Takes a full lunar cycle anyway doesnt it.Are Cancers inpatient as a rule???

    love to you

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