My heart is divided

  • My heart was still very much attached to my scorp ex, who attempted to end things on a good term, but I guess my efforts to save us pushed him away. I have tried to get my relationship back until recently I stopped all efforts. Now a gem has came into the picture and thus far I really enjoy his personality. My heart is very divided at this point. I have been told scorps return to those they love and those who loved them and I believe he loved me (because he told me many times and his actions in the rship showed it) and I know I love him, but this gem has got my attention...I am confused.

  • There is potential with the Gem guy but you need to get over your ex first otherwise you wont be able to see clearly and make the right decicions.

  • thanx

  • hey thats right..I think this might help..if u wrote down ur exs positive &negative points &the gems positive &negative points as well as what you wanted or expected in a relationship...& checked them with your list...u might arrive at a decision.....if you loved your ex a would help to let your relationship with the gem grow slowly with time.....

  • @ mystikelo very helpful....its seems one issue between my scorp ex and I caused things to go downhill...and since our break he has beem very mean to maybe he is cutting me out forever. thanks!

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