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  • I'm just trying to see if you could help me shed some light on the situation. It seems as if i'm suddenly stuck in a possible triangle between my running coach (Aquarius - Feb 6, 1983) and my mentor (Capricorn - Jan 14, 1980) who are both sort of within my age range (I'm a Sagittarius - Dec 18, 1984). Please help me clear our this situation or shed some light in it. I've been trying to see if i can read my intuition but at times i'm still not sure if i'm synchronizing it well. Seems that both of them may have some interest for me, although i think i may be leaning more towards Aqua man. Is this all me seeing things or actually happening? What are their intentions? All of the sudden, it just seems that the guys that i'm interacting with are either Scorpios or Aquarians from the early days in February.

    Also, something that i guessed put a bit of a twist to my confusion occurred last night. Aqua coach invited me a couple of days ago to a concert that he was gave last night since him and his friend are trying to start a band. I went with some friends, everything was good but i ran into a girl that i've known for a little while through mutual friends. I'm not sure why but i can't get this feeling out of me that she likes him too. I'm kind of shy when somewhere interests me and feel that maybe i should back off and leave the path open for her in case she indeed does like him. But then again, i'm not sure either like how he sees me and if me just dropping everything altogether is the best route to take. 😕

    Thank you very much for your time and would certainly appreciate your insight. Have a great day!

  • You and the running coach: you may be helpless before the charm of this guy who will sense your inner lack of self-confidence. He can provide stability for you in terms of a firm professional or financial foundation. He is attracted to your power, though he does find you a bit difficult. A love affair can work out but it will be complex and short-lived. You both find self-examination a painful process but unless you attempt it, the relationship is unlikely to develop fully. You can have a good time together, at least until your seriousness or depression looms which can cool your coach's passion and he will then want out. It doesn't look good for a long term love relationship. Also a love matchup (especially if it turns sour) may impair your coach-student relationship.

    You and the mentor: a love affair here will be taken up more with power than with love or affection. A battle for supremacy may be unavoidable and your mentor will need to be dominant in certain important areas, though he may let you have your way in others. Care will have to be taken not to provoke arguments or fights. A crushing victory will actually spell defeat for both parties. Relaxation will be difficult here.

  • Thank you very much for your insight TheCaptain. And yes, this whole time i've actually being my spontaneous normal self around both of them. However, once i came across that other girl last night it may have started to changed a bit with the running coach. That's something that i do need to learn to overcome outside of him because it always tend to happen when another girl comes around. I instantly feel that i've lost the battle against her. Just curious, in what ways do i come across as difficult? He's only my coach until Jan when i'll be running my first marathon for charity.

  • Your coach is a bit emotionally immature and very self-protective, and as such doesn't like anything that looks like it could get too heavy or deep. He feels that you may have emotional moods that would be difficult for him to handle.

  • I've been working on portraying my true self out there (even if its random/spontaneous at times) and not try to bring up light during the times that i'm feeling down, etc. Whether is with this guy or overall, how am i portraying this kind of behavior that i'm trying to cover up from the world while i'm working on it. I'm trying to practice the whole "smile and fake it, 'til you make it" so it doesn't seem as a burden to anyone around me.

  • No, faking it won't help. You need to get to the bottom of what's causing your depression or dark moods and deal with it. People will know if you are faking it. Be honest with yourself now and acknowledge your true feelings at least to yourself.

  • Yeah. I was seeing a therapist before to deal with it, and as i figured apparently a BIG caused of all of this is my relationship with my mother. Ever since i can remember we have always fought. Different personalities too. She's an Aries (Apr 4, 1952) & again, I'm a Sadge (Dec 18. 1984). The therapist actually labeled the whole situation as me living in a toxic environment. And i also know that this is a big part of my self-confidence issues too. Given that every single day im reminded of negative aspects and told hurtful things how she should have never had me, etc. So that's why i can be super outgoing (myself) and be random/spontaneous as i called it, but it comes and goes since it my joy-ful personality gets shattered at some point throughout the day by her. 😞

  • People argue because each person wants to be right about what they believe. What is so important to get across to your mother?

  • What is so important to get across to her? Maybe the fact that for once i wish i could actually feel that i have a mother and not someone with a title who reminds me everyday that i'm the pesticide of the world and should have never had me. Someone that i can actually talk to instead of feeling like i'm talking to a wall because even when i try to open up about anything i may start talking to her and she blows me off because she's always too busy (even when she's not working and only watching tv... seems like her show is more important) or cuts me off and starts talking about something else. The fact that for twenty-six years all the memories i can really remember with her are of me crying and being scared of her. Always hearing her "Hitler ringing voice" in my head. Feels a lot that i'm always her punching bag even if it has nothing to do with me. She never actually takes the time to see, explore or find out what may be happening with me. Instead if what she says or thinks is what it is. And even if she's proven wrong, then she'll start insulting and bitching to still get her way, etc...

  • I think my favorite is that she assumes to know me so well and the person that she describes is so off from who i really am. She doesn't even know what i may like or not, favorites, etc but she talks like she knows and says a bunch of off the wall things. Always talking to her friends how i am the worst daugther in the world and nothing is ever good enough for her.

  • Have you actually told her how she makes you feel? She might not be aware of how bad she treats you - sometimes people need a short sharp shock to wake them up.

  • Oh yeah, she's well aware of it but as always i'm just talked to a wall because she ignores whatever i may say and keeps going in her own world. It really hurts since that's really my only true family. Only us two. Growing up she always kept me sheltered from everything which has made this whole thing even more painful. And as much as i try to not let it affect other areas of my life, i can't it and instead i get depressed and what not. That's why the therapist said that i was in toxic environment and that with her even when i try to do something to meet her half way, its like a porcupine effect. I keep getting stung every time regardless. 😞

  • So why do you keep going back for more and more abuse? That only tells your mother she can get away with continuing to do it. I think you should issue her an ultimatum. Either she stops the negativity, disparagement, and rudeness to you or you'll cut all contact with her. She needs something to shock her awake to her bad behaviour. But what she likes about you is that you give her an excuse to complain which she loves to do. It's become her only form of communication with others.

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